5 Things You Should Do For Your Wedding Guests Before The Big Day

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Never take anything for granted. Especially on your big day.  Inviting your guests to the wedding is only the beginning.

To avoid your uncle ending up in the wrong hotel or your brother’s bored kids pushing over the wedding cake, here are a few bits of information that you should pass on to every guest.


1. It’s Where?

Hotels are an essential ingredient to most weddings. Once the engaged couple have decided on a day, it’s almost always one of the first items on their ‘to book’ list. They will search far and wide, with the emphasis on ‘far’!

Can the guests find their way there? Do they know about that little lane with the small sign pointing to the country house tucked away in the forest? Put a little page with directions and the phone number of the hotel in your invite.

Put a few well-placed signs on the route to the venue if it is awkward to find. And make sure no one ends up in the wrong county!


2. Foodies

At the risk of turning your wedding invitation into a pamphlet, you should also ask your guests about any special dietary requirements they may have. Long gone are the days when you could simply ask if they were vegetarian. Nowadays there are a vast range of specific requirements from Gluten Free to Vegan. And make sure your caterers are up to the task.


3. Can My Kids Come To The Wedding?

This can become a bone of contention with a lot of wedding guests. If you really don’t want your big day to include a screaming infant then let your guests know. If you don’t want your cousin’s three year old busting moves (why wouldn’t you? he’s adorable!) on the dancefloor then make that clear.

On the other hand, if you are happy to have little snappers crawling under the tables and making forts with the table cloths then maybe include a little ‘kid friendly’ note on your invite.

And check with your wedding venue that they are up to the challenge of hosting hordes of little ones running riot. There are hotels that have special activity rooms available but booking in advance may be required.


4. Weddings On The Web

The wedding website has become increasingly popular in that past few years. Guests can log in and keep up to date with the latest developments. They can also set up email alerts and be informed of any changes. This is a perfect way for you to bring all the relevant information to one place. It’s also good for wedding lists too!


5. Bring the Wedding To Those Who Can’t Be There.

There has been an incredible advance in live streaming over the internet in the past year. New services like Periscope, YouTube Live, Skype and Facebook Live have enabled members of the public to live stream every part of their lives to whoever wants to watch. This is also true for Weddings.

In fact, live streaming weddings to family and friends who can’t physically be there on the day has really taken off. With a little imagination and a few cameras you can beam your big day to every corner of the planet. If it’s all too technical there are a number of live stream wedding services who will do it all for you!

By Laurence Doherty, Excalibur Press

NW Brides Edition 10