5 Things You Should Consider When It Comes To Wedding Invitations

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Your wedding invitation sets the stage for the big event. Whether you’re using a pre-printed design or creating them yourself, there are several things to consider.

From designing, creating and sending them, you must take care to ensure the invitation is unique to you and reflects your big day. Read on to find out what you need to consider when it comes to wedding invitations.


When it comes to designing and making, or buying your invitations, don’t blow the budget. Be creative but remember it’s only a small item in the scheme of things and the money can be better spent on the big day.


Your invitation is the first opportunity to stamp your colour scheme on to the proceedings. Make sure you’re settled on your theme and that the colours work together.

While ivory and cream may seem very dated now, these colours work especially if you want to keep your scheme secret until the big day. Use metallic fonts or a simple logo to keep the individuality, and always make sure the details are readable.


The invitation should detail the brides maiden name, the groom, and sometimes the bride’s parents, especially if they are contributing financially to the wedding. Also make sure the d\te, time, and venue are clearly shown and include all the guests by name on the invitation, including any children who are invited to attend.


If your wedding ceremony and reception will be held at different places, make sure that the full addresses have been included in the invitations. If possible, include a route map to the venue.


Always include a way of confirming acceptance of your invitation, either by including a response card with the wedding invitation or details on how to accept it either by telephone, website, or social media so you can keep track on how many guests will attend.

Invitations offer a good way to let your creativity flow by making invitations yourself. There are great craft shops that allow you to buy good materials, design templates available online, and by roping in some friends you can complete the task in a short time.