5 Tips For Finding Wedding Inspiration Online

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Want to start planning you wedding but not able to hit the shops yet? Worry not there is tons of wedding prep and planning that you can do online and it’s a great place to find inspiration for your big day. Here’s some tips for looking for inspiration online:

Check out the latest edition North-West Brides

North-West Brides released the Winter edition of the magazine earlier this week.
Not only will it provide hours of inspiration but it features:
💕 Tyrone wedding suppliers
💞 Real weddings from local photographers including Gemma G PhotographySarah Bryden PhotographerJude Browne Wedding Stories
💕 A ten page winter photoshoot including dresses from McElhinneys Bridal Rooms, Ballybofey which was shot by Jude Browne Wedding Stories
💞The latest trends for Brides and Grooms

You can get your copy in local newsagents, Asda or by visiting north-westbrides.com and available to download straight to your device following this link bit.ly/2HPSiIG

Start Your Search Broadly

Don’t be too specific about what you search for in the beginning as you might end up missing something you didn’t realise you would like. It’s best to not narrow your search too much in the beginning and just see what you like and go from there. Once you start to see repeated themes in the things you like then you can be more specific. This way you might find something you never would’ve considered.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a gold mine of wedding inspiration and is the perfect place to start. Set up boards for different categories eg. venue, dress, décor and then add things you see to these categories. It’s basically like a virtual mood board and will help a lot with your planning process. It also means all your ideas are in one place and when it comes to making decisions and purchasing you have lots of ideas to hand.

Ask For Recommendations

Asking around to find other’s opinions can be a great way to find vendors or shops in your area. For example, you could simply post on social media asking for recommendations for good cake shops in your area and find that people will recommend their tried and tested favourites. This is a great for your own piece of mind that others have had a good experience.

Look For Apps

There is practically an app for everything these days and when it comes to weddings they are no exception. Look online for apps specifically made for wedding inspiration or planning that could help you. Read reviews from previous users to see if it’s worthwhile and give it a go.

Shop Around

If you are looking for things to buy for your wedding online, definitely shop around to try and find the best price. You might have to do a bit of searching before you find exactly what you want but don’t just rush in and buy the first thing you see.