5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Abroad

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Getting married abroad is a beautiful idea, you will say your vows to your beloved, in front of your guests in the blazing sunshine. Many people prefer to get married abroad as it results in a more intimate ceremony and perhaps a traditional wedding isn’t what they’re after.

Although most brides see getting married abroad as a stress-free option, the endless trips back and forth and the lack of being able to plan their day hands-on often results in more stress than anticipated.

So in order to make your day and your planning process as easy as possible, we have rounded up 5 tips that will keep things as easy as can be.

Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner to plan your wedding abroad is completely and totally necessary. Although they seem like massive luxury for a wedding at home, they are worth their weight in gold when planning a shindig away. They’ll speak the language for know the surrounding area and will be able to help yoour loved ones plan their travels as well.

Check The Legalities

A barefoot beach ceremony might sound delightful and there is no doubt that the photos will be flawless, however it may not be legally biding when you get back home. Make sure you check out all the information about what makes your marriage legal in the country of choice before you book anything. A weddings abroad company should be able to help you with any questions that you might have.


Yes you went abroad to get married, so you’ve already technically had some form of holiday, if you could call it that. Just make sure to still have a honeymoon with your new spouse, even if it’s in the same country. Book some excursions or little day trips or make some time lounge by the pool or at the beach. It’s about you two at the end of the day.

Embrace The Culture

There isn’t much point in going abroad to get married if you aren’t going to take advantage of where you are. If you’re in Italy, toast with prosecco, if you’re in the South of France, have a traditional mediterranean feast, if you’re in Greece have a Meze for your wedding breakfast. You’re wedding planner will help you with these things.

Guest List

Don’t be too brutal with your guest list, yes geting married abroad will cut it down by a good number of people, but don’t forget to invite those who you should. Just because you assume you’re Auntie Doris can’t make it, doesn’t mean that she can’t. Maybe she can and she’ll be devestated when she doesn’t get her invitation. Those who matter the most will do their utmost to come, but you may have to accept that some people you really won’t there just can’t afford it financially.