5 Top Tips For Choosing A Make Up Artist For Your Wedding Day

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When it comes to planning your wedding day, after picking the perfect dress, your hair and make-up are the next most important things to choose to complement your overall finished look.
Hiring a professional Make Up Artist for your wedding day takes the pressure off you and your bridal party. Even if you are confident in your own make up application skills, by having a Make Up Artist look after you and your girls, you can be assured of achieving a look that will last all day and look great in your photographs for years to come.

In recent years, using a Make Up Artist for special events has become the norm, so there are many to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you:

1. Preparation Makes Perfection

Before you even start looking for a Make Up Artist, particularly if you have problem skin, talk to a skincare specialist. Make up will always look better on skin that has been prepared for application and is exfoliated and hydrated.
2. You, But On a Better Day
On your wedding day, it’s important that you and your bridal party look your absolute best and that your make up will last all day. Have a look through the portfolio for Make Up Artists to ensure the looks they have created are varied and appropriate for the occasion, and that it’s not the same style – a cut crease, winged eyeliner, contoured cheek – that has been copied for every client.

It’s very important that on your big day you look like the best version of yourself, and not wearing a look that is so different you don’t recognise yourself.

3. The Look

There are many things that will influence the look you go for, such as your dress, hairstyle, the colour scheme of the wedding, and even the season, but the result must look good in person and in the photographs.

If you’re unsure what style to pick, look through bridal magazines, and search online to give your Make Up Artist an idea of what you want. Traditionally, bridal make up is soft and natural, but if that isn’t your usual style, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

4. You Can’t Beat Experience

If you’ve never used a Make Up Artist before, choosing one can be daunting. It’s important that you do your research to find one who is not only experienced in bridal make up, but also one who is used to working with a wide age range. This will ensure each of the bridal party has a look tailored to their age and style and not a ‘one look suits all’.

A personal recommendation for good service goes a long way, so if you see a bride whose make up you admire, ask for details of who did theirs.

Another consideration is to ensure your chosen Make Up Artist has experience with different brands, and how to apply them, to achieve the look you want.

5. Your Make Up Trial

A few weeks before your big day, book a trial so your Make Up Artist can get an understanding of what you’re looking or and how they can achieve it.

If you’re planning to change anything before the big day – such as hairstyle or colour, or you’re getting a spray tan, make sure you let the Make Up Artist know so they can factor that in to your wedding day make up.

If you are getting your eyebrows shaped, do it a few days before the wedding to allow any redness to fade.

A good Make Up Artist will take time to get to know you before the big day, to ensure they deliver exactly what you want as they appreciate how important it is to you.

They will give you an indication of how much time they will need to complete make up applications for the whole bridal party, so don’t be tempted to add additional people on the day as this may mean they can’t finish in the time they’ve allowed.

Having the right look on the day not only makes you look good, but it makes you feel great. You should feel confident that your make up will last all day and look fabulous, so you can relax and enjoy the day. Keep your lipstick and powder at hand for any touch ups you need, and – most important of all – have a fantastic day.