5 Top Tips To Help You Choose A Wedding DJ

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If you plan on having a DJ provide the soundtrack to your wedding celebrations, selecting a decent one is going to be an important part of the planning. The DJ’s task is not only to keep you and your guests musically entertained all evening, but also make formal announcements throughout the night. If you don’t want technical errors, sound faults, or a dull DJ that kills the wedding buzz, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Here are 5 top tips to help you choose the right wedding DJ:


1. Think about your music tastes

The DJ will need a good idea of what your music tastes are so that he can keep in accordance with this throughout the celebrations. You don’t need to provide a full set list, but write down some examples of the names of songs you wish to be played, along with ones for specific dances (such as the newlywed’s first dance). Think about songs that you might like at the start, middle and end of the evening, and advise the DJ of this in advance.

2. Make a shortlist

Ask around local music venues, entertainment providers and online before making a shortlist of the top 3 DJ’s that could play at your wedding. Consider their experience, former events, equipment quality, set lists and reviews before you decide, and don’t forget to ask about extra costs such as lighting and smoke machines. Also make sure they are able to provide speakers, amps, mixing desks, mics, and any other pieces of equipment you will need on the day.

3. Book early

It’s advised to book your DJ 12 to 18 months in advance if possible – many DJ’s are booked up for months, especially if they are popular, so make sure it’s one of the first things in your planner.

4. Get references

It’s essential that you get references for your DJ, if possible with videos so you can see them in action. Ask them about other events they have played, and whether this is in accord with the size of your wedding. Most professional DJ’s won’t mind providing contact details for references.

5. Admin and logistics

You should read, check and sign a written contract that states your agreement with the DJ, what you have agreed to pay and for what. This is important if, for any reason, you need to ask for a refund. On the day, make sure you have a schedule arranged detailing the set start and finish time. There will be extra costs if this goes over schedule.