5 Top Tips To Help You Plan Your Winter Wedding

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Spring and summer have traditionally been considered “wedding season”, but winter weddings should not be overlooked. Usually savings can be made by holding your wedding “off-season”, but aside from that winter weddings can feel truly whimsical, romantic, and magical. While many of the planning elements will be unchanged, there are a number of important factors to consider when planning a winter wedding, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here are 5 top tips for planning the perfect winter wedding:

1. Winter Weather

Chillier temperatures mean most brides-to-be take this into consideration when choosing their dress, but it’s also important to remember that colder weather (and increased use of central heating) can dry out your skin and lips, which will affect how your wedding makeup and tan will apply. Keep well moisturised in the run up to your big day to make for flawless application.

2. Simplicity is Key

Where possible, consider having the wedding and reception at the same venue, to reduce travel time for your guests in the cold. If this isn’t practical, then don’t forget to add extra travel time in your planning for guests to get from the wedding venue to reception venue.

winter wedding

3. Sparkles and Holly

When having a winter wedding, take advantage of the season by adapting your room décor to suit. A touch of glitter and some holly wreaths are a subtle nod that can tie everything together nicely. If you’re getting married around Christmas time, it’s recommended that you don’t go overboard on the festivities. Remember, the focus of the day is your wedding.

4. Dark Evenings

As it gets darker in winter, you will need to consider when to schedule in your photos. Speak to your photographer in advance so you know what the plan is for the day. Alternatively, you may want to take advantage of some sunset photography, which not many people get to have on their wedding day.

5. Keep Toasty

Ensure the bridal party have suitable clothing and cover-ups for any outdoor photos, and it may be an idea to check with the reception venue to see if they supply any form of outdoor heating – some may be able to accommodate fire pits, while others may be able to rent in decorative blower heaters. Offer guests a warm beverage upon arrival, in addition to the usual glass of champers.