5 Top Wedding Cake Trends

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Today’s weddings usually marry tradition with personal taste, and the cake is one of the must-haves that has remained – but is often unrecognisable from the three white tiers of yesteryear.

Here are 5 styles of wedding cake that couples are choosing:

1. The Naked Cake
Part of a growing trend to keep things simple and stripped back, the naked cake is simply a cake without an outer layer of frosting. Don’t let the simplicity fool you though – a naked cake requires a skilful hand.

Making layers of plain cake and cream look banquet-worthy without the decorative tool of frosting – it’s a hallmark of a truly great baker. Some of the prettiest examples will be decorated with ivy vines, dried flowers, or ribbons and blooms to match the wedding flowers and colour scheme. Check out this naked rose-themed cake:

2. Colour
Loads of couples now prefer to plunge that cake slicer into deep, bold or bright hues rather than pure white icing. Just like the trend for colour in wedding dresses, you’ll see multi-coloured, monochrome, one-colour and even ombre or ‘dip dyed’ cakes.

There are some stunning single-colour cakes out there, using really bold colour choices like deep teal or zingy orange. One trend we love is the ‘hidden’ cake – from one angle you see an ornate white wedding cake, but another angle reveals a ‘layer’ beneath. Our favourites are a white cake ‘peeled back’ to reveal a Superman costume, or a multicoloured unicorn cake like this:

3. Sculptural/works of art
If cake makers aren’t magicians, they are certainly artists. Some of today’s wedding cakes are so beautiful and finely crafted, it feels like a sin to consume them. But…then you do and they are delicious as well!

Delicate, lifelike, hand-painted icing flowers and leaves, cakes made to look exactly like trees, little cake sculptures of the bride and groom, glitter cakes, cakes that mimic the delicate folds and ruffles of the bride’s dress. It would appear that if you can dream it, someone can bake it! This intricate Gazebo & Doves wedding cake is simply beautiful:

4. A cake for every taste
Food intolerances, vegan diets, fussy eaters, and just plain and simple taste preferences have led some thoughtful (or maybe just indecisive!) couples to opt for more than one type of cake on the big day. They might have a typical wedding cake to cut for the photos, surrounded by other smaller cakes which will then be cut up, or they might offer a selection of different cupcakes or individual baked treats.

Chocolate, coffee, red velvet, black forest gateaux, fifteens, millionaire’s shortbread and fruit cake are just some examples of the flavours you might treat your guests to. Consider this sumptuous chocolate cake for your vegan friends:

5. Cakes from around the world
We’re becoming a more diverse society, and this means weddings are often a big, beautiful blend of customs from around the world. The traditional Norwegian and Danish kransekake translates as ‘wreath cake’ and it’s a towering multi-layered structure, similar in decorative style to a naked cake.

A kek lapis is an Indonesian cake, usually square, featuring many very thin layers and flavoured with spice. What about a French croquembouche? I wouldn’t recommend cutting into it, but this delicious stack of profiteroles surrounded by spun sugar would certainly be a tasty talking point.

By Heather McGarrigle, Excalibur Press


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