5 Unique Ways To Make Your Wedding Day More Fun Than Ever!

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Planning a wedding can be the most stressful event in your life, not to mention the most expensive day. The details, the flowers, the music, the dress, the tux and the food – with this never-ending list of things to do, it’s important to add some fun to your big day, and it’s so important that both you, your groom, and your guests are the happiest you can be on your special day.

Below is a list of 5 unique ways to create a little fun among the madness:

1. Costumes

In between dinner and dancing, there’s usually a lull in the audience. Why not create some impromptu karaoke and dancing? What’s better than being dressed up as Tina Turner and living out your fantasy as a famous pop star? This is sure to get a few laughs among your guests and create some fun memories.

2. Polaroid Cameras

Attach a few Polaroid cameras to each table – this is a sure way to create fun memories of your big day. It’ll also be an interesting take on the events when you later develop the pictures and see different perspectives from the day.


3. Wedding Pinata

Okay, hear us out… Why not gather all the guests and let them have a go at the original birthday game? Fill the pinata with branded sweets as keepsakes for your guests, giving them something cute and fun to remember about the day.

4. Fireworks

End the most special day of your lives with a bang – fireworks that sparkle and pop across the sky are sure to take your guests’ breath away, and there’s something so intimate and romantic about gathering under a star-filled sky as fireworks light up your eyes.

5. Bouncy Castles

Who says they’re just for kids? Release your inner child and make some moves on a giant bouncy castle! Fun and laughs are pretty much guaranteed.