5 Ways To Arrive At The Church In Style

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Transport between wedding venues is quite often one of the first elements of a wedding to be booked and can cost quite a lot. While there are some who are happy to pull up in Uncle Ivor’s fancy Mercedes with a bow on it, most newlyweds want to to mark their arrival in fun, original ways. The transport can also play a big role in photos so it needs to be just right.

Here are a few of the more original ways to turn up fashionably late.

1. Fancy Wheels

Get heads turning and cameras clicking by picking from a vast range of original cars. There’s no need to limit yourself to Rolls Royce or Bentley limousines anymore. There are several companies and private owners who specialise in unique, wacky and eye-catching vehicles. From movie car replicas to VW Beetles and camper vans, to luxurious classics and vintage buses big enough to fit all the guests, there are a lot of options for cool cars. A quick google search for alternative wedding transport brings a large list to choose from. One example is


2. From Carriage To Marriage

Is there anything more suited to weddings than a horse drawn carriage? A carriage bedecked with flowers arriving at the wedding venue door is a sure fire way to make a lasting impression and trigger a hundred selfies. There are a number of companies in Northern Ireland who will cater for this and look after your transport needs. This type of transport does bring it’s own set of risks though so be sure you leave plenty of time for your journey and be prepared for the unpredictable weather. An example of a company who looks after carriages is


3. Out Of The Clear Blue Sky

How can you guarantee that you won’t get caught in traffic? By flying over it! Arriving in a helicopter will definitely put the icing on the cake of any wedding. And if arriving wasn’t cool enough, the newlyweds can literally fly off into the sunset when the nuptials are complete. Just remember not to build the marquee too close to the landing site! One such company is


4. Attract Her With A Tractor

One thing Northern Ireland has no shortage of is tractors. We’ve all sat behind one and bit our tongues. While, to some, a tractor conjures up images of muck and mess, a pristine vintage tractor can look every bit as appealing as a fancy BMW. If it sounds too ridiculous, a couple in Wales would beg to differ. They did it! Huw and Claire Davies from Crynant near Neath, arrived at the church in a fleet of six vintage Ford tractors that they borrowed from their farming friends. Check out the story here:


5. A Super Car For a Super Day

On the opposite end of the scale from a tractor is the Supercar. While limited in space, arriving in a Supercar will get heads turning and cameras flashing. Supercars come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all look and sound incredible. Before hiring one though make sure the bride’s dress will fit inside! An example of a company hiring supercars for weddings is


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