5 Ways To Bring Autumn Indoors For Your Wedding

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As the nights grown darker and the leaves turn from green to red to gold, bring the beautiful season inside your venue with an array of nature, comfort food and stunning dresses to make your Autumn Wedding unique, quirky and personal.

Here are 5 ways you can bring autumn indoors:

1. Autumnal colours for flowers and bridesmaids

Experiment with rich warm browns, golds and reds for your wedding party. An elegant brown bridesmaid dress set against a flash of vibrant golds, purples and red flowers can make a daring and stunning nod to the season.

We love this idea from Pinterest:

2. Forage for twigs and branches for decorations

When walking the dog or out in the forest with the kids, collect branches and twigs for decorating your venue. Intertwined with fairy lights, battery operated candles, (we don’t want to start a blaze!) beautiful, seasonal flowers and even apples, create a personal, unique setting for your perfect day.

We particularly love this idea for your cake by Martha Stewart:


3. Mulled Cider

Dare to be that little bit different and swap the Prosecco for Mulled Cider for that tasty, warm feeling amongst your guests. Served in Kilner Jars or jam jars decorated in lace and twine and a cinnamon stick, this will be a winner in both alcoholic and non alcoholic versions.

We can almost smell this gorgeous recipe from Jamie Oliver:

4. Pine Cones

Probably the most versitile and easy to find piece of nature that can really bring Autumn inside. String up into heart shapes for pretty door hangers and garlands or slot name cards into them and use as gorgeous little name place holders.

Check out the simplicity of this garland from

5. Autumn Menu

Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, rustic chicken with root veg… your menu will explode with flavour from the seasons produce and recipes that your caters will be perfecting. With root vegetables being the staple of Autumn along with yummy Apple Pie, Blackberry Compote and Chestnuts, your menu will be indulgent, warm and homely.

We love this Top 10 from Posh Nosh Ireland:

By Rebecca Armstrong