5 Ways To Inject Technology Into Your Wedding Day

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Traditional weddings will always provide fond memories to look back on, but perhaps you’re a tech-loving couple that wants to make the digital world and today’s gadgets a stronger element in the wedding proceedings. Maybe you want to capture as much of the action as possible, to add some extra sophistication to the celebration or even just because technology is as much as part of your life as each other.

Whatever your reasons, here are five ways you can introduce technology into your wedding day:


1. Spread the word on social media

You don’t have to wait until the wedding day itself to start getting techie with it. You can spread the word about your happy news and big day beforehand on social media. Create your own hashtag and pop it on the wedding invitations so that you and your guests can post about the wedding on Twitter and Instagram. Add generic hashtags such as #wedding to your posts as well to increase your reach.

2. Get creative with cameras

People don’t have to just stand in front of the camera and pose. You can use drones to get aerial shots of the day. The bride can also place a camera in the bouquet to get shots from her own perspective. Set up a charging station, too, at the venue so that you can charge up devices.

3. Go digital with your guestbook

A pen-and-paper guestbook is nice and traditional, but you can also go hi-tech with a digital guestbook. Wedding guests can scan a QR code, and then write their congratulatory messages and well wishes to leave you with a lovely modern memento of the day.

4. Set up a hologram / GIF photo booth

Most guests love a good photo booth. Why not go for one that features a hologram or GIF background? They’re so much more modern. Some booths even offer a ‘hologram selfie’, where users can take a picture with a hologram double of themselves.

5. Spruce up your wedding cake with 3D printouts or light projections

Looking to do something unique with your wedding cake? You can give the cake a truly modern look by decorating it with 3D printouts, which is becoming something of a fashion in the culinary world. Alternatively, you can go even more hi-tech and hire a company to map images onto the cake. From simple flowers to photos or even song lyrics, there are all kinds of possibilities and the cake will look as fabulous as it tastes.

In this digital age, there’s lots of talk of driverless cars. These are still in the distant future, though, but one day the bride and groom may be leaving the wedding venue in one. For now, take these ideas and see how you can apply them to your own special day for a truly tech-tastic wedding.