5 Ways to Stay Organised for Your Big Day

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A wedding should be a fun and enjoyable occasion and not a stressful one, so the key is to get ahead and stay organised. It can be easy to get overwhelmed will all the planning and costs involved. So here’s our top tips to stay organised for your big day:

Create a Calendar

Plan the things you need to do 6 months before, 3 months before and 1 week before the big day on a manageable checklist. You can find great templates for this online which you can print out and fill in. This will make things seem more organised and you will feel satisfied once you are able to check something off.

Keep a tally of your budget

It is helpful to start writing in a notebook how much you have spent on each category such as outfits, venues, food etc. This will allow you to keep a running total of your budget and manage how much you still have available. If you are feeling extra savvy even think about starting a spreadsheet where it will automatically keep your running totals once you enter spend.

Use an app

There are lots of apps out there that are made for the exact purpose of helping you plan your wedding. You can find apps that will allow you to enter all of your tasks and create a schedule and get notifications on your phone to complete these tasks. As well as apps that that allow you to keep track of your guests and plan your tables. It’s best to just search around until you find an app you like and want to use.

Start Early

Start the planning earlier than you think you’ll need to as that way you won’t run out of time. Send your invitations out in good time as to avoid cancellations. Book your venue in advance too, to avoid disappointment or someone getting in before you. The earlier you start the less stressed you will be about running out of time.

Take Pictures as You Go

When you view venues or look at dresses take pictures so if you want to go home and think things over before making a decision you have pictures to look back on and refer to. This will stop you having to go back and use more valuable time looking at things twice.