5 Ways You’ll KNOW You’ve Found The Right Wedding Dress

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You’ve met your future partner in crime, set a wedding date, now it’s time to find ‘The One’ – your perfect wedding dress, that is.

Many women assume they’ll become super emotional and cry once they’ve found their dress, but this isn’t always the case. It can be a daunting task finding the dress you want to wear on one of the biggest days of your life, but there are a few signs that you’ve found the one that’s meant for you.

Here’s 5 ways you’ll know your dress is The One:

1. You’ll feel beautiful

The ideal wedding dress will make you feel your best self – confident and beautiful, inside and out. If you feel gorgeous once you step into it, it’s a sign it’s the one for you.

2. You’ll want to show it off

Once you’re wearing the right dress, you’ll not want to take it off! You will want everyone to see you in it, especially your husband-to-be.

3. You’ll picture yourself wearing it at the ceremony

If you instantly imagine yourself walking up the aisle or greeting your guests in this dress, it could definitely be the one you’re destined to be married in. Your dress will fit well with your theme and you’ll easily be able to picture yourself wearing it throughout the day.

4. It feels like ‘you’

You may have found your wedding dress if it fits your own personal style. Subtle yet elegant, daring but classic, or maybe simple and understated – if you feel like the dress was made just for you and your tastes, it could be the one.

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5. Your gut says, ‘Yes!’

Often, our intuition is stronger than any of the busy thoughts and doubts in our minds. Your gut may tell you straight away: ‘Yes! This is it!’, or it may be a more subtle – but undeniable – feeling. Listen to it!

By Abby Williams