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5 Wedding Favour Hacks To Impress Your Guests

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Calling all brides! If you are tearing your hair out trying to work your way through the wedding favour maze, then look no further – help is at hand.

Key areas to take into account are of course personal choice and wedding theme and in the following I hope you find some of the suggestions useful when it comes to deciding your own individual wedding favours.

DIY Organza Bags

Starting with a firm favourite the ever popular organza bags are a simple, stylish and effective way to make your own favours. You decide what goes into them and you can keep them economical or splash the cash, buy them or make them yourself.

If you’re an arts and crafts fan, or a home baking fan these could be a really fun choice for you. They can be sewn together or, if not arty and crafty simply put together with no sewing involved.

All you need is material (either one colour or two) and ribbon which you can colour co-ordinate with your wedding dress, bridesmaid(s) and flowers. Once you have your material, cut it into squares and if going the sewing route use one colour for the front and other colour for the back.

If non-sewing simply place one square diagonally over the other, place your favour in the centre, gather up the sides and tie with a colour co-ordinated ribbon. Its as easy as that.

Alternatively, you can use other material such as vintage florals, gingham, or if you wanted to have something more shabby chic you could use hessian material and simply tie with coloured string for the guys and for the girls decorate with something like lace and tie with ribbon for a more feminine look. The possibilities are endless, as are the fillings!


Sweet Treats

The most popular fillings range from chocolates, sugared almonds, and biscuits. If you’re a homebaker you could try homemade fudge and cover in chocolate (yummy), homemade truffles, or homemade biscuits which you can decorate with icing to match your wedding colours etc keeping them as simple or as decorative as you wish. You could for instance personalise with your initials.

If you like retro, sweets are extremely popular with all ages and the choice is amazing. You can have all the old favourites such as pear drops, lemon drops, aniseed balls, blackjacks, lovehearts etc to name a few.

Fragrant Favourites

Another is filling bags with pot pourri, for example rose and jasmin scented (feminine) and something like sandalwood and musk (masculine).

For a rustic and homespun feel bags filled with flower seeds such as lavender and sweetpea, sunflower and even bird seed are very well received.

lavender-1490788_960_720Quick & Easy

If doing it yourself doesn’t appeal to you there are lots of other containers to purchase eg, small glass bottles and jars, little buckets, boxes, all suitable for all of the above mentioned.

Glass bottles are ideal for a little olive oil with a sprig of rosemary added, little buckets look great with a votive candle, or filled with popcorn, and small jars are perfect for homemade jams and chutneys.

Get Quirky!

Quirky can be great fun and a popular favour is to leave a card at each place setting and inside is a scratch card or lottery ticket.

Remember with the lottery there is a time limit in which to claim any prizes. If someone has a big win make sure they pay for the honeymoon!

By Valeria Anderson, Excalibur Press

NW Brides Edition 10