6 Of The Best Wedding Gift Registry Services

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It’s likely that your wedding guests are going to want to get you a gift for your big day, and rather than leaving them guessing, a Wedding Gift Registry is an incredibly popular way of ensuring that your guests get you something that you actually want and need, as well as ensuring duplicates are kept to a minimum.

The idea of a Wedding Gift Registry is not a new one, however because so many more couples now live together before getting married, many already have tons of stuff that previous generations used to register for, such as plates, cutlery, soft furnishings, etc., which might leave you wondering, what on earth should you ask your guests for?

Here are 6 of the best wedding gift registry services:

1. Amazon’s Wedding List

Amazon’s Wedding List allows you to create a diverse registry full of the wide variety of items available on Amazon from a range of retailers. In addition, you can add items from any other website to your list using the Universal Wish List feature.

Many items purchased directly from Amazon will be eligible for free shipping (all Amazon items are eligible for free shipping if you are a Prime member), and their Registry allows you to prioritise your most-wanted items, as well as having the ability to leave comments on items to let guests know why you want them.

2. Ikea’s Gift Account

Ikea’s Gift Registry gives you a personalised event homepage, as well as free of charge stationery for family and friends. Your wedding guests make donations to your gift account, and once you close your event you are sent an Ikea Gift Card for the total value.

This is a great idea for couples who are moving in to a new home that needs kitted out, for guests contributing to those more expensive and larger purchases you need to make, or for those couples who are prone to changing their mind often about what they want as you can go instore to browse at your leisure after the wedding day. There’s also the option of donating 10% to charity of your total gift amount to charity.

3. Prezola

We can’t ignore the winner of the Best Gift List for three years in a row (2014-16). This is the perfect curated Gift Registry for style-savvy couples, with more than 300 top UK brands available to choose from. As well as creating a gift wish list of products, you can also create a cash gift list, honeymoon fund, and arrange for charitable donations.

4. Patchwork

This is a cash-only online donation site, perfect if you want to save for a much pricier gift. Contributions are added to your PayPal account, and don’t forget to consider that fees apply. We love the idea of your wedding guests crowdfunding to help support your dream – whether that’s an amazing honeymoon, or even your first home – why not create the virtual gift of “buying a brick” for your love nest?

5. Buy Our Honeymoon

This is a great registry for couples who don’t need the traditional gifts associated with starting a new home, and who instead want to enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime. Rather than asking for cash, which some couples find awkward, instead ask for donations towards specific aspects of your honeymoon, whether that’s an activity, show, or experience. Guests will know what they have contributed to for you, and you could take pictures of the experience to share with them back home.

6. Woodland Trust

Perfect for couples who love nature and the great outdoors, and for those who want to do something a little different to commemorate their wedding for a lifetime, and many more lifetimes to come. As the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust gives your guests the chance to dedicate a tree, or larger area of woodland, for your wedding – in a choice of woods all over the UK. Options include single trees, to quarter acre groves, as well as personalised benches and marker posts. Choose a local woodland so you, and your family and friends, can visit the site for years to come.

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press