6 Fantastic Settings For Group Wedding Photos

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Your group wedding photos are something you can treasure long after the celebrations are over, and they don’t have to be the standard group-in-front-of-the-church shots either! Be sure to plan your photo layouts in advance, with several main shots of the bride, groom, parents of the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as two or three of everyone together.

Here are 6 fantastic group setting ideas for you to consider with your photographer:

1. Staircases

Large staircases are a great way to capture large groups, with the bride and groom at the top, followed by the mother and father of the bride and groom, the bridal party and groomsmen, and all of your guests in height order. Check out city libraries, country homes and hotel receptions for grand staircases or winding steps.

2. Forests and lakes

If your wedding is taking place in a more rugged setting, get your guests to gather in forest areas around the trees for a stunning outdoor shot. Use the natural landscape including rocks, hills and lakes as gorgeous backdrops to your group photos.

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3. Aerial view

Group photos from above are a great way to capture everyone in the shot without it looking too crowded. This can be taken from a high window or with a drone, looking down onto you and your guests on a lawn, field or courtyard. Get creative and ask your guests to form a shape, such as a heart around you and the groom or your initials.

4. Buses, boats and cars

Depending on your chosen transport for the wedding, large vehicles are ideal for group wedding shots. Open-topped buses, limousines, trucks and even boats are all perfect to use, with your guests either seated around the parked vehicle or in motion. Action shots will really capture the fun of the celebrations, so encourage your photographer to think outside the box!

5. Surprise shots

The best photos are usually the ones taken when we don’t realise it. Whether it’s the moment everyone sees the bride’s dress for the first time, the laughter during the best man’s speech, or a group hug between the bride and bridesmaids, ask your photographer to capture the really special, intimate moments while you’re enjoying the day.

6. Rooftops

Location and weather permitting, getting your guests to gather on a rooftop will make for a memorable group photo. Many hotels, country estates and even restaurants have rooftop areas that will give your photographs plenty of light and space.