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6 Fun Exercises To Get In Shape For Your Wedding

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Looking to get in better shape for your wedding but don’t want to make yourself miserable on a fad diet that won’t work?

There’s an easy way to have fun while getting in shape for your wedding. What it comes down to is finding an activity that you love and that brings out the best in you.

Here are 6 fun exercises to get you in shape for your wedding and inspire your new health kick:


1. Zumba
Lower your inhibitions at a Zumba class and dance an hour away. Complete newbies are welcome at most Zumba classes where participants don’t dance to look good, but to have fun. With feel good up-beat music and a passionate instructor, this is a great way to meet people, or alternatively exercise away from anyone you know. You can let go and unwind from all the wedding planning in the process.



2. Pilates
Many people underestimate the astounding powers of Pilates. Built on the combination of flexibility and strength, this is a gentle form of exercise that can be adapted to your needs, even if you have injuries. It won’t leave you pouring in sweat, but you’ll still have challenged yourself and pushed your body a bit further with every session. Before you know it, you’ll feel healthier and ready to take on the world.



3. Group Cycle Rides
Explore more of your local area or travel further afield on a group cycle ride. This is a great way to get your bridesmaids involved and bond with your loved ones in the lead up to the wedding. With everyone having fun around you, you’ll soon forget that cycling was even exercise in the first place.



4. Speed walking
Make a playlist of energetic songs that you know and love, plug your iPod in and get outside. You can speed walk around town as you run errands or on your way home from work so it’s ideal for those who don’t feel like they have time to fit exercise in. Easily introduced to your daily routine and proven to burn hundreds if not thousands of calories, it’s an effective way to get in shape. Plus, walking doesn’t seem like such a daunting activity and with your music turned up, it can actually be quite relaxing.



5. Circuits
With the right equipment, you can run a circuits session from the comfort of your own home. Include at least four different activities and vary your reps as you visit each station. Balance the activities so that you work a variety of muscles and get your groom involved for a laugh. You can mix this one up as many times as you like so that it never gets too repetitive. Many gyms also offer circuits classes if you find that the motivation of strangers helps you to workout harder.



6. Yoga
There are different types of yoga that follow different aims but all types will relax you and help your core flexibility and control over your body. With plenty of tutorials on YouTube, you can find one to match your needs. When done just before bed, it’s a great way to improve your quality of sleep.


By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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