6 Important Things You Need to Know Before Wedding Ring Shopping

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Buying wedding rings isn’t — and should never be — a task that you can do at the last minute. These rings are special and you’ll be wearing them every day for the rest of your life, so you should take the time to pick something beautiful for you both.

If you’re going out to look for a wedding ring, make sure you know the following things before you go shopping:

1.     Your budget

Before you go shopping for rings, you should always know your budget. Straying away from your budget could see you miss out on other things you would like or need for your wedding. Be clear on bands, too. There doesn’t tend to be any rules about who would usually pay when it comes to bands.

2.     Your finger size

It’s common sense to get your fingers sized by a professional, but you should ensure that you do this. Not only will you get the right size, but you’ll also save some time by knowing exactly the size you need rather than have to try on ring after ring after ring.

3.     The collection or style you’d like to wear

It helps to browse the jewellery collections of different shops online. Then just make an appointment to go in and try the rings on. You might find that they don’t look as nice as they do in the catalogue or that another style looks better.

4.     Personalisation

The better the idea you have in mind, the more time you can save — and that includes personalisation. Think with your partner about how you’d like to engrave or personalise your rings. Decide whether you want the bands to match or not.

5.     To match or not to match

One of the other decisions you need to make is whether you want the bride’s ring to match her engagement ring or if you’d prefer different matching rings altogether. Deciding this beforehand will help you choose easier when you start shopping.

6.     The difference between metals

Jewellers use a range of metals to make rings, such as gold and platinum, as well as the bands. Learn about the differences between metals and how their value is calculated so that you can understand the value of your rings.

It’s entirely up to you to decide when you start shopping for wedding rings, but it would be better to buy your rings no later than two months before your wedding day. This means beginning the search earlier, which will ease the pressure on you and allow you to find something that suits you both. B

e aware of your lifestyle, too, so that you’ll pick out rings that are as practical as they are beautiful. Then when you’ve made that purchase, make the arrangements with the best man and look forward to sliding a wedding ring on your partner’s finger.

By Peter Jenkins