6 Meal Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

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Stuck on what to serve at your wedding or looking to design a menu that suits your individuality and tastes? You don’t have to choose between the traditional options of chicken or fish unless you want to.

Your wedding is about you and it’s a great time to make everything personal. There are countless options when it comes to making the food all about the bride and groom, with cute ways to make it special and meaningful.

Here are 6 great meal ideas for your wedding


1. Sharing Platters
If you want to get the guests at your wedding talking and getting to know one another, or if they’re already really close, sharing platters are a great way to get everyone mingling. You’re not limited to the choice of food either as you can get anything from Italian platters to Cornish seafood selections to suit your preference.



2. Sit-Down Meal
Formal dining is a great way to add elegance and luxury to a wedding, allowing guests to relax while the food is brought to them by servers. It gives them more time to mingle, without having to worry about going up to get their own food. If this suits the tone of your wedding, then it is a great way to maintain the atmosphere. If you’re on a budget, you could transform this into afternoon tea.



3. Buffet AKA Gourmet Grazing Stations
A buffet does not have to be tacky or anything less than the lovely meal that guests expect. Name it a gourmet grazing station and all of a sudden, the reputation changes. This way, guests can choose what they would like to eat and no one will go hungry, no matter how fussy they are. You can make it as luxurious as oysters and champagne, to a donut counter, allowing you the ultimate freedom.



4. Pick A Country
If you and your fiancé adore Mexican food, or had your first date in an Italian restaurant, don’t be afraid to choose the cuisine as your meal idea. That way you can share your favourite foods with your loved one and connect over tastes and textures.

Meal Ideas


5. Pick A Theme
Love a particular TV show or band? Already have a theme for your wedding? Caterers these days are so talented and experienced that they can often design menus around a passion of the bride and groom. Transform your wedding meal into the set of your favourite movie and eat like the characters, or have dishes inspired by all your favourites. Whatever you decide, this is a fantastic way to live out your fantasy with the ultimate meal at your wedding.



6. Barbeque
Planning an outdoor wedding for the summer? A barbeque could top the day off and give you a broad selection of foods to satisfy everyone, including those with dietary needs. Keep everyone enjoying the sunshine for longer and make it a memorable day.


By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press