6 Of The Best Classic Wedding Hair Accessories

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One of the truly most exciting parts of getting ready for your wedding is getting your hair done. There are so many beautiful ways to add that something extra to your locks.

We’ve picked out six of the best types of hair pieces you can wear on this most magical of days:

1.     Crown or tiara

Embellish it with flowers. Embellish it with crystals. The choice is yours, but a crown or tiara will inject some real opulence into your outfit. You can also wear them with a veil, so if you want to go for the more classic look, they’re one of your best options as well as stunningly beautiful.

2.     Hair comb and/or vines

Are you choosing to wear your hair up? Hair combs and vines — which are a series of multiple combs linked across your head — work terrifically with a bun, braid or chignon. You can wear them at the back of your head or, mini tiara style, above your face.

Vines and hair combs look lovely when decorated with pearls or with crystals and add some serious twinkle to your hair. Try out both with your hairstylist well before the wedding to choose the right look for you and perfect it for the day.

3.  Hairpins

Wearing your hair up gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to accessories. One of the ways to brighten your hair up even further is with hairpins. Wearing just one or two in your hair will give it a subtle, classic look, whereas multiple pins will make the look more fashion-forward. If you’re on a tight budget, pins are a good choice because they’re not especially expensive and can allow you to achieve the look you want for less.

4.  Halo headpiece

As nice as crowns and tiaras are, you may prefer to keep your hair in place with a halo headpiece instead and not have to fiddle so much with flowers or jewels. A double-strand halo headpiece will do the trick. It’s elegant, practical and is a great choice if you’re trying to achieve a more bohemian look.

5.  Vintage headband

The times may be a-changing, but there are still lots of vintage lovers out there. If that applies to you, you’ll be pleased to know that you can adorn your hair with a vintage hairband. One such type is the band with forehead jewellery, which infuses your hair with a real star quality. You’ll feel fantastic.

6.  Ribbon headband

The ribbon headband is a unique twist on the vintage style. They’re delicate, they have sparkle and there’s a real Hollywood feel about them. Offset yours with a red lipstick and elegant wedding dress and watch your groom’s jaw drop all the way to the floor.

Pop on any of these pieces to wear your hair at its very best on your wedding day. Take plenty of time to work with your hairdresser and combine different styles and pieces so that you can find the look you want well before the day. Then make it all happen for your hair when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

By Peter Jenkins