6 Proposal Ideas To Guarantee A ‘Yes’

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Proposing to your loved one is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll be hoping to make perfect. Maybe you have the ideal location, date and music planned, but the actual question-asking part can still seem daunting!

There are so many unusual and surprising ways to show your love for your partner and ask the question in a way that makes them feel special. Whether you’re looking to do something completely different or traditional, there will be a perfect way to propose.

Here are 6 ideas of ways to propose, to help you find the perfect way to ask the question



1. Create a Treasure Hunt
A fun adventure in itself, a treasure hunt will build up the suspense and be an exciting way to spend some time with your loved one. You could provide clues that lead to the ring, or have the final clue be the big question. Either way, they are bound to love it.

2. Make something personal
Whether it’s a scrapbook of memories, or a slideshow of photos, or a collation of video clips to your favourite song, share the good memories together with this surprising gift. Then, when you’re both feeling nostalgic and completely in love, ask the big question. You could even create a personalised calendar with ‘plan the wedding’ already written into one of the dates to surprise her.

Proposal Ideas

3. Involve Food
When you’re out on a date night, involve the restaurant in your proposal. The chef could hide the engagement ring inside the dessert in classic Hollywood fashion or the chef could craft the question with the food. If you’re up for making your own meal, you could get creative and put the ring on a cupcake or simply enjoy a romantic meal and end it with the question. Either way, it’s bound to be memorable for more than just the food.

4. Get away for the weekend
Spend some quality time together outside of everyday life and make it a truly special experience by placing the ring inside the pillowcase for her to find, or write your question in the sand. You could combine this idea with going out to eat, or you could share the moment in private, depending on what suits your personalities. Either way, you’ll already be in the ideal location to celebrate, with room service and drinks readily available. It will give you a few days to enjoy the moment together alone, before returning to share the good news.


5. Save It For Christmas
Already a magical time of year, you can make Christmas even more exciting by presenting the ring as a present, or hiding it inside a cracker with a slip of paper holding the question – be sure she doesn’t confuse it for a joke!

6. Choose Something From Your Past
If you went to school or university together, or met at work, go back to where you met, spent your first date or fell in love. Relive the memories of those special times to make the current moment even more exciting.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press