6 Of The Most Romantic Proposal Songs

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Getting engaged is a big deal and sometimes it can be hard to find the right words that express exactly how you’re feeling. In that way, music can communicate your powerful emotions for your partner, particularly if you have ‘a song’.

Drawing on the connection you share, proposal songs can lift your happy moment to a new level and create the perfect romantic mood. Whether you’re looking for something slow and special, or fun and meaningful, there are loads of artists who have crafted excellent love songs. If you’re looking for the perfect song to represent your love, here are 6 beautiful suggestions.

1. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
2011 pop hit A Thousand Years was used for Bella and Edward’s wedding in the Twilight films. Signifying an eternal love, the lyrics capture the feeling of knowing that you have found the one and know them completely. Building to a passionate chorus about a couple’s destiny to be together, “A Thousand Years” is a heart-warming love song.

2. Ed Sheeran – Photograph
Celebrate your special memories together to Ed Sheeran’s personal and laid-back track Photograph. It talks about the highs and lows of love, concluding that the couple are in it together and stronger as one unit. This song is ideal for couples that have known each other for a long time and would be perfect coupled with some photographs or mementos of the past.

3. The Temptations – My Girl
For something a little more old school, this number one 60s classic soul hit is a well known love song about the love for a woman. While adaptable to many couples, the lyrics feel deeply personal and draw on classic beats to create a timeless proposal. If this song, or genre, has special meaning to your relationship, even better.

4. Boyz II Men – One Bended Knee
This 90s R&B hit is a slow-moving, meaningful track that can come across as melancholic, but is really about wanting to spend the rest of your life with one a person. The lyrics talk about wanting to apologise for wrongdoings and longing for an ex-lover, however they really discuss a love that runs deep: “a moment without you, seems like an eternity.”

5. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever
This global sensation of a 90s hits starts off with a delicate, vocal-fuelled intro and kicks in with a steady beat to merge the benefits of a slow song with something fun to provide the best of both worlds. This track is excellent at fitting into the background and won’t take over the moment

6. Taylor Swift – Love Story
Drawing on the classic story of Romeo and Juliet, country star Taylor Swift’s famous song Love Story highlights the excitement of passionate love. An adventurous, upbeat song, it’s about wanting to risk anything and run away with the love of your life. It’s the ideal tune to tell your love story to.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press