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6 Summer Wedding Make Up Looks

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Whether you’re hiring a make-up artist or getting your make-up done personally, choosing your look and matching it to the season is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning any wedding.

Guests, wedding party or bride, getting creative with your make-up and finding the perfect look to match your dress and shoes can be tough.

If you want something more than your everyday look but don’t know where to start, there is plenty of inspiration to get you thinking. Here are 6 summer wedding make up looks and tutorials for the ultimate wedding day look.

1. Dusty Rose
Chloe Morello
Inspired by the work of Charlotte Tillbury, this dusty rose look is subtle enough to make you look naturally beautiful, yet with hints of gorgeous pinks. Emphasising the eyes whilst softening them, this is one of the prettiest looks out there. Whatever your skin tone or hair colour, this is a versatile and easy option.

2. All About The Eyes
Fleur DeForce
A little more on the striking side, this eyeliner based make-up look is complete with natural toned lips and subtle foundation to make the eyes bold. Not too overbearing, it’s still on the subtle side and the lack of any major colour means that it can be worn with any dress. Ideal for brides as well as guests, this one should be simple to apply.

3. The Glam Look
Lucy Jessica Carter
Influenced by the Kardashians, this one is all about the glam. Focussed both on the eyes and the lips, it’s a fuller make-up look that with gather a bit of extra attention. The neutral tones set the base so that the eyes and lips can look as full as possible.

4. Pink Pink Pink
Shirley B Eniang
Want a bit more colour in your look? Pink is a pretty and versatile way to introduce some. You can make the pink as bright, dark, deep or subtle as you like, to suit your individuality and tastes. Matching the eyes, the lips in this look are more striking than most options but add a happy summer feel

5. Romantic and Sultry
That Girl Shay XO
Moving on to a more daring option, this romantic and sultry look uses darker shades and false eyelashes to put all of the emphasis on the eyes. It’s not for everyone but when done well can be a vibrant and eye-catching way to complete a bridal outfit. Complemented with the rose pink lips, this look is a must for someone who wants to create striking eyes effects.

6. Peach Gold Shimmer
Taking a step away from the dusty rose and pink looks to something more golden, this shimmery bridal tutorial offers something a bit different. Gold and natural tones blend across the eyes to create a distinctive look but aren’t overly dramatic. Coupled with the shimmery eyeshadow, this is one for someone looking to add a little glitz to their wedding outfit.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press

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