6 Super Hacks To Prevent Wedding Disasters

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Preparation is everything. When planning a wedding, every angle needs to be covered. Every box ticked.

Every minute of the day planned for. But things can go wrong. And no matter how carefully you detail every part of your day, they probably will.

So what can you do to prevent the whole day unraveling before your eyes?

Here are a few tips to help you stop the ship from sinking:


1. The Weather

As anyone living in the North-West will testify, the weather is, let’s say, changeable. It’s the one part of the wedding day that you can’t book in advance. Some people book their holidays in July or August and hope for the best but in this island of ours a sunny day can become a deluge in minutes.

To stop a complete wash-out there are a few simple tips that can pull it back from the brink. Stick a few umbrellas, coats and towels in the wedding cars. Make sure the venue has a suitable indoors area or a marquee that can be erected quickly. If you really need that beach photo, try to have the cars as close as possible to the bridal party.

Keep a hair-dryer and a pair of straighteners close at hand for those frizzy-hair nightmares. But most of all, embrace the rain!

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2. Busting at the seams

This may seem like common sense but it’s something that is often overlooked and rarely even thought of. Before the big day arrives, find out who can sew and ask them to bring along a portable sewing kit. A busted hem or seam can then be quickly sorted before even being noticed.


3. The Sound of Silence

The string quartet that you spent months researching for and you booked to play as the bride walks down the aisle has just phoned to say their car has broken down and they can’t make it!

The wedding band that you forked out a truck-load of money on just emailed to say their keyboard player has food poisoning from eating too much at a wedding buffet the night before. Help!

The solution is to always have backup music. Make sure you have music on a CD or check you can stream your Spotify / Apple / Amazon Music using the hotel WiFi. And ask your friend who has a cool PA speaker to stick it in his car. Just in case. And speaking of cars…


4. Car-nage!

Wedding cars have become a vital part of a lot of weddings. For many, pulling up outside the venue in a beautiful vintage car is the only way to start the day.

The thing about vintage cars is, they are really old. And being old they can be unreliable. Make sure you have a couple of backup cars on standby, just in case that lovely old Rolls Royce breaks down in the middle of the motorway.


5. Fussy Eaters

This happens more and more as people latch on to the latest dietary trends. A well thought out menu that is sent out with the invite can cover a lot of eventualities.

However there’s no way that every funny diet or fussy cousin can can be catered for. Ask the hotel ahead of time if they can cover the eventual vegan or gluten/sugar/wheat/ free guest. Most hotels will be able to step up at the last minute but it is worth double checking.


6. Getting in Touch With Your Guests.

Keeping an email distribution list of guests can be a quick way of asking for dietary requirements (see number five) and is also a great way to quickly get in touch if there is a last minute change of venue or something else pops up.

When sending out wedding invitations, ask your guests to RSVP with an email address (almost everyone has one these days) then create a distribution list to quickly contact everyone coming to the wedding.

By Laurence Doherty, Excalibur Press

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