6 Things Every Groomsman Should Be Doing At The Wedding

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It might seem like being a groomsman is simply a title you hold and nothing more, that you are solely there for the photographs and to have a good time. However, being a groomsman involves a lot more work than you might realise.

But don’t worry, here are our top tips to help you get it right on the big day:

1. Don’t leave all the work to the Best Man

While planning a wedding is a big responsibility, so is the stag party and this job falls to the Best Man. Offer your help with the organising and planning, even if they say they don’t need it they will appreciate the offer. Remember, this stag night is a big night for your friend who is getting married and a huge worry for the Best Man, who wants to see it be a success, you’re all going to benefit from the stag party, so it’s in your interest that it gets set up correctly and comes together.

2. Lend a hand and a listening ear

The preparations for the big day can be quite overwhelming for everyone involved, so it will be appreciated if you offer to help with specific tasks, from lifting relatives who arrive at the airport, to collecting the suits or flowers for the ceremony and even cake taster sessions. Remember, tensions and emotions will be running high. Don’t be afraid to step in and mediate as well as offer a listening ear to any worries, fears and issues those in the wedding party might have.


3. Make sure you & your fellow Groomsmen look good

The big day has finally arrived, and after all the planning it would be a shame if the groom and the groomsmen were looking a little humdrum. Getting married doesn’t happen every day, so you need to be at your best and looking your best and ensure the groom is as well. Do spot checks on group appearance before the bride arrives at the ceremony and before you get the photographs are taken, but to ensure your group are looking their finest before the wedding, book the group in for a grooming party at a local barbers and use it as a bonding event that leaves you looking sharp and stylish.

4. If you have to give a speech, practice makes perfect

When it comes to a speech, practice makes perfect and ensures you don’t spend the entire speech staring at notes. This doesn’t mean you can’t have notes but if you need them try and keep them on some neat cards so you aren’t pulling out a crumpled lined piece of paper from your pocket.

Here are a few key elements to help you structure the speech:

Always start with a solid introduction about who you are and your relation to the groom, and don’t forget to welcome the guests. You can crack a joke if you want here – it can help settle your nerves. Next is perhaps the most important topic of your speech, an introduction to the groom. You can reminisce about a funny anecdotal story, but try and avoid very embarrassing stories that the Groom and the Bride might not appreciate being told. Finally, part with a word of advice and raise a toast to the happy couple.

5. Can I have a drink at the reception?

Yes you can! However, make sure you keep an eye on how much you are drinking. During the reception it can be easy for the drinks to pile up pretty quickly. You want to be able to enjoy and remember the reception, but also not to take the attention away from the couple by accidentally focusing attention on yourself and any drunken antics you might get up to.

6. Remember It’s Not Your Special Day

Remember you are there as support, you are the Robin to the groom’s Batman and it isn’t your day – you don’t want to outshine them and make what should be their big day all about you. You aren’t getting married and this ceremony and reception is meant to be about celebrating the happy couple, so do your best to help keep the spotlight on the couple and keep on your best behaviour. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, but be responsible and mindful.

By Felicity McKee, Excalibur Press