6 Things You Should NOT Tell A Bride Before Her Wedding Day

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Getting married, though a joyous occasion, can prove to be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life. Planning a wedding creates sudden new financial pressures, a lot of people pleasing in your planning and organising, a double dose of self-evaluation, and a much deeper evaluation into the relationship. Stress, stress, stress! And not to mention the usual daily things women stress about.

So here are 6 things NOT to say to someone before their wedding day:

1. An Unhelpful Statistic?

“Did you know that 65% of all first marriages end in divorce? But you’ll be one of the 35% I’m sure of it!”

Talk about putting doubt in someone’s brain! As much as a friend may think throwing harsh realities at her bride to be I useful… it’s not. I guarantee any bride will have gone through all the pro’s and con’s already herself. So, if you can’t say something supportive, don’t say anything at all!

2. Nosey Parker No.2, Stick Your Nose in Baby Poo!

Asking the question “Are You Sure You Want To Marry him?”

Unless this question is backed up with some seriously genuine concerns, please see above. Evaluating the stability of marriage is a HUGE question in the mind of most brides to be. A good friend will give her a safe space to open up and explore herself if this is right for her. Do not try to take over someone else’s destiny, no matter how much better you think your plans may be. You own them, the bride doesn’t.


3. Don’t Dwell on the Past, Stay in the Present

Saying “You’ve really tamed the lion!”

I don’t want to know how promiscuous my future husband used to be before he met me. It’s only going to lead to long term insecurities, not only in my ability to keep him ‘tamed’, but in the stability of a long-term commitment which he has to want to achieve through marriage!

4. Don’t make demands

“Oh that…looks nice” can easily turn into “I think we should do things this way”

Remember, this day is all about the bride. If you think things could be better in any way, consider saving these ideas for your own future special occasion.


5. Remember to be optimistic

Saying things like “Do you think it’ll rain on the day?”

This is not helpful and something like weather can’t be controlled. If you express that you feel it will ruin the day, it may become a bigger issue for the bride. Try to focus on positives unless the bride invites this type of discussion on every count.


6. Last but not least…

“Have you been trying to lose weight for the big day?”

Even if I have, I will have made the assumption that you will assume that I don’t need to and be insulted at the idea that you think I do! Just don’t go there…

By Claire Louise McBride