6 Things That Really Annoy Wedding Guests On Your Big Day

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Your wedding day is obviously about you and your partner celebrating your relationship and making a commitment to each other.

However, it’s also about your guests being with you to enjoy your big day, and their enjoyment is an important part of the overall experience that will give all of you great memories to look back on.

If you have ever been a guest at a wedding, or been a member of a Wedding Party, you will know that weddings involve a lot of planning, that they can be very long days, and that there are certain things guests hate.

Here’s our list of potential issues that might make your wedding less than enjoyable for guests, so you can take steps now to prevent them:

1. A Tricky Date

If you’re getting married on a budget, you might opt for a mid-week wedding, as you can save a lot of money on the venue. However, this might not be convenient for guests who will need to take at least two days off work to attend your nuptials. Close friends and family will make the effort, but don’t be offended if others aren’t in a position to take the time off. If you’re planning on having your wedding mid-week, or at a tricky time of year (back to school, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, etc.), make sure and send your Save the Dates or invites out early so guests can make suitable arrangements.

2. Who’s Invited?

It can be an awkward conversation to have (or a difficult surprise to accommodate!) if a guest you have invited to your wedding turns up with an uninvited plus one, or with their children if you are planning on having a child-free day. To avoid confusion (and red faces), make sure you stipulate clearly on the invitation if there is an allowance for a plus one, and what your stance is on children at the wedding.

3. Seating Snags

If your guests mostly know each other, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if you are bringing people together who haven’t met before, your seating plan could require some careful consideration. If you are inviting little ones to the wedding, have a separate kids table. A golden rule is for every six people at a table, try to make sure at least two know each other or have met before, to help get the conversation going.

4. Weather Ready

There are many things you can plan for at a wedding, and the weather isn’t one of them. It goes without saying not to have an outdoor wedding in colder months, but it’s also nice to provide a few extra touches to keep things cosy, this can include outdoor heaters, a stash of umbrellas, and gifting your Bridesmaids with a shawl or faux fur wrap.

5. Lack of Food

Anyone invited to the full wedding will have a lovely meal at the reception. However, if you are having evening only guests, it’s a good idea to put on some form of buffet or food at the evening reception. This is often appreciated by full day guests too – dancing and drinking can work up quite the appetite!

6. Time Delays

You should aim to hold the wedding ceremony and reception within two hours of each other. This gives guests enough time to travel, freshen up, and grab a drink, while you and your new husband go off to get your photos taken. Have a cocktail reception and some acoustic music playing to essentially create a Happy Hour, and your guests will thank you for it!

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press