6 Things You Need To Know Before Booking Your Wedding Photographer

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Photography has been an integral part of weddings for as long as anyone can remember. Historically, photographs were used to create albums and to frame for the home. Today, while this is still often done, we’re also more likely to want snaps to share on social media and to create a video montage. To make sure your photos are the best they can be, there are seven things to think about before choosing your wedding photographer:

1. Be Clear On Your Style

While many photographers are adaptable, most have a certain style they prefer to shoot or are better at shooting. Before appointing a photographer, have a think about what kind of style you want and try to find a selection of photographers who do that style really well. A great tip is to ask for the contact details for the photographers who you think created amazing photos for friends or family.

2. Create a Shortlist

Once you have decided what style of photography you would like, create a shortlist of three to four photographers who shoot in that style well. Speak with each one, or even meet them, to see who you gel best with. Pick the photographer who you get on well with, and who best fits your budget and needs.

3. Research Current Trends

There are loads of places to look when researching the latest photography trends – from wedding magazines to bridal websites, and even social media hashtags on Instagram or Pinterest. Look at things such as lighting, themes, and photo timelines, and see if there are any images you’d love to replicate.

4. Set Your Budget

For professional wedding photography, you should expect to pay at least £1,000. Set a realistic budget, and ask if there are any packages available. A printed photo album is usually an additional cost, so you could ask for a digital copy of the images instead. You can always print your favourites or pay for a professional album later.

5. Check Out Portfolios

Before signing on the dotted line with your photographer, make sure you go through their portfolio. Look for multiple images from multiple weddings, to ensure their quality is consistent.

6. Customise The Deal

It’s a good idea to ask if there are ways you can customise the package – some photographers offer special rates if photography and videography are purchased together, some also offer an engagement photo shoot for free as part of the deal.