6 Things You Should Pack For Your Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon should be one of, if not the best holiday of your life. It should be a valuable trip spent with the person you love most in the world, which is why it is important to ensure that you pack everything you know you will need to enable you to have an enjoyable and stress free time away. To make things that little bit easier here is a list of six things you should bring in your suitcase when going on your honeymoon.

1. Camera

As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and you will surely want to capture all of the beautiful moments of your holiday through a lense so you can look back in years to come and reminisce about how great the trip was. Whether it is a disposable camera, a Polaroid camera, a digital camera or even the camera on your phone it is essential to have one at hand so that you can take photos of the place or places you visit as well as shots of you and your significant other enjoying the time of your lives to show relatives how amazing the experience was when you get home.

2. Swimwear

Most honeymoon trips tend to involve a trip to a sun soaked destination or at least somewhere with a pool or beach which means that you should pack various swimwear pieces for this holiday. Whether you prefer a swimsuit or bikini make sure you are well stocked up with a few different colours of your chosen swimwear style to ensure that you can change up your look throughout the trip.

3. His and Hers’ Flip Flops

A novelty item as such, for days spent lounging at the pool or beach why don’t you invest in a pair of matching ‘Just Married’ flip flops to make everyone that you meet aware of the fact that you have just tied the knot. They are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily online and a picture of you and your other half wearing them whilst on your honeymoon will make for a very cute Instagram shot. A word of warning however, it may be incredibly difficult getting your husband to pose for a picture wearing them!

4. Toiletries

Essential for any holiday, it is crucial to ensure you pack absolutely everything you need for your honeymoon toiletries wise. From deodorant and sunscream (items which are non negotiable whether it is sunny or snowy where you are going), to lip balm and sanitary products, insect repellent and sickness tablets, an emergency medical kit (which should have everything necessary, including plasters!) and even contraception you don’t want to risk travelling without all the products mentioned as alternatives in other countries may not be available or may not be good for you, so pay very close attention when you are packing your suitcase that you include these key products.

Other items to pack include a toothbrush, hair products, makeup and remover, a manicure set, razors and after sun so do try to remember to bring all of these for a stress free time away!

5. Shoes

An obvious one in earnest, it is not that you are likely to forget to pack shoes, but rather we think that you are likely to pack shoes that simply aren’t built for the purpose of your holiday. If the honeymoon involves lots of activities or sightseeing on foot then it is essential that you bring a pair of shoes which are comfortable and most importantly that you know you can walk in, as it may prove to be a painful trip for your feet if you don’t pack sensible shoes. It is therefore ideal to bring a pair of trainers, and whilst they may not look that nice it is all about comfort when you go away, so sensible shoes are priority over appearance. By all means feel free to throw in your glamour heels and sandals for going out at night or days which don’t involve lots of walking so that you can at least show off the gorgeous shoes you do own.

6. A Holiday Playlist

Not something that will actually go into your suitcase but still an important item nonetheless to build the holiday excitement, compiling a playlist of you and your partner’s favourite songs to listen to throughout the trip is advisable. Whether it is cheesy love songs, the latest dance hits or some classic anthems the playlist will be the soundtrack to your honeymoon so make it a good one with contributions from both parties!