6 Top Tips For a Magical Fairy Themed Wedding

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What could be more enchanting than a wedding set in fairyland? Imagine, a twinkling woodland or garden, pretty flowers and garlands, a dress fit for a fairy queen, and a shimmering of fairy dust on every little detail. Enchanting!

Fairy themed weddings are really quite popular and it’s not difficult to see why any bride-to choose such an enchanting and magical theme for her big day. There is so much to work with when it comes to all things fairy that your only problem could be deciding exactly what details to include in your final plans.

So, if the idea of fairies, toadstools and magic still beckon the way they did when you were a child you won’t be disappointed with our Top 10 Best ideas for creating a magical fairyland of your own!

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1. Location

As legend goes fairies can typically be found at the bottom of the garden, in woodlands, glens and forests, and a true fairy themed wedding must surely be in the right setting. Even if you are getting married in the colder months and an outside event is not an option, you could still stay true to the theme by transforming your inside venue or Marquee into a setting fit for any fairy.

2. Lighting

The lighting you use is as important as the setting. An adornment of pretty lighting, in soft glowing colours, or a spectacle of twinkling overhead lights, will be the difference between authenticity and just plain lighting. Think small but lots of them, be it fairy lights, or pretty hanging lanterns on the trees and overhead. Adding candles or lights on the table decorations, too, will bring the right ambience to your wedding, especially as dusk sets in and the night falls.

3. Flowers

No fairy themed wedding would be complete without an adornment of flowers. Whether you’ve chosen an autumn or winter fairy look, using rich colours, or a more summery theme with pastels, plenty of flowers, along with lighting, will really bring the theme to life. Try fairy swings with flower woven ropes, flower-woven arbours, petals along the aisle, garlands on the back of the chairs and a less orderly arrangement of flowers or even petals on the tables, such as in little glass domes or woven around candelabras. Just think back to the fairy stories you read and pictures you saw as a child and let your imagination do the rest.

4. Stationary

Let your guests know what sort of wedding they are attending by opting for the colours you are using with the theme, rather than the usual creams or whites. Choose an authentic looking font and play with the wording to include some fairy words and phrases.

5. Table arrangements and Favours

Try using ornamental fairies as centerpieces, or placing little scrolls with the menu, or a magical message or rhyme for each guest, printed inside. For the favours you could choose anything from little toadstool sweets to tiny bottles of fairy dust. Again, it’s just a case of letting your imagination do the work.

6. Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

Depending on your choice of bridal gown you might want to dress your attendants in short, fairy-style dresses, with garlands in their hair and flat ballet pumps, or even bare feet if it’s a summertime affair. Accessorise with pretty wands and wings, or even have them carry little woven baskets with flowers of fairy lights inside. As for the dress and the cake…Well, depending on the colours you’ve chosen and how far you want to take the theme there really is no end to the options you could go for. Let the magic commence!

By Linda Browne, Excalibur Press