6 Unique Wedding Themes You Might Not Have Considered

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When it comes to wedding themes, it can be hard to choose something that is both unique and do-able within your budget and planning time-frame. It’s also important that the theme of your wedding is personal to you as a couple and expresses your individuality.

Thankfully, the internet is rich in quirky wedding ideas and there’s no shortage of ways you can make your ideal theme work for you.

Here are 6 of the best wedding themes you may not have considered:

Lord Of The Rings Fantasy Wedding

Fantasy fiction is as popular as ever, with Game of Thrones dominating pop culture, but Lord of The Rings fans are some of the most devoted within the fantasy world. Bring Middle Earth to life on your big day with character costumes, swords, woodland flowers, wizard hats and elf ears as props for your guests. You could even incorporate some beautiful LOTR quotes into your vows, such as this one from Arwen the Elf:“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone”.

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding

Oversized paper flowers, stripy socks, clocks telling the wrong time – there are plenty of colourful ways to create an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Invite your guests to join you and your Mad Hatter groom at a wacky tea party reception, complete with gigantic teapot and plenty of upside-down cakes.

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The Walking Dead Wedding

A modern take on the zombie theme, a Walking Dead wedding will definitely be one to remember. Get your guests to join in on the fun by arriving in zombie fancy dress and treat them to a‘zombie chase’ with water guns after dinner. For the couple who are not afraid to stray from the traditional, a tombstone guest-book and spooky surprises throughout the day will make your zombie wedding both exciting and unique.

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Sports Themed Wedding

Did you and your other half bond over a shared love of sports? Bring this part of your life into your wedding with trophies in place of vases, cheerleader outfits for your bridesmaids, or have your guests sign a football or boxing glove instead of a guest book. You could also screen historic games on the big screen during dinner and provide guests with stadium-style snacks throughout the day.

School Themed

This is a wonderful idea if you and your fiancé met during your school or college years. Pay homage to the years where your love flourished by seating guests at vintage school desks, choosing a library or school hall as your venue, and including books and pencils in your decor. You can invite people to sign your yearbook, join in on some traditional playground games and fill up on school lunch inspired meals and desserts.

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New Age Wedding

The New-Age wedding is perfect for those who wish to draw on the common themes of worldwide spiritual traditions and incorporate spirituality into their day without committing to one particular tradition. This could include offering crystals and mala beads as wedding keepsakes, providing mandala drawings for the kids to colour in, or having table statues and images of inspirational spiritual figures. New-Age couples can opt for a natural setting for their venue, such as woodland or heritage sites, and include ancient practices when taking vows, such as the Celtic tradition of hand-fasting.

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By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press