6 Ways To Keep Mini-Guests Occupied At Your Wedding

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With so much to organise leading up to your big day, if you have a big family or are having a large wedding, you are probably wondering how to keep the children entertained through a long day of speeches, processions and grown up activities. If booking an entertainer or multiple childminders is out of the question, here is our top five tips for keeping your little guests entertained:


1. Board Game Table

A good family favourite which might even distract the grown up guests! Close family and friends will have Monopoly, Connect 4, Buckaroo etc in the back of the cupboard so collect them a week before the wedding and set up the table in a far corner or another room. A white board pad is a good investment too for a home made game of Pictionary… expect it to get loud!


2. Decorate Cupcakes

Get your cake maker to make you extra cupcakes and set up a Cupcake Decorating Station. Lay out bowls of edible glitter, frosting, sprinkles and sweeties and let their imaginations run wild! Make it competitive by having a theme and and prizes for ‘best decorated,’ ‘most unique,’ ‘brightest colours.’



3. Colouring Table

A traditional, no mess, no fuss activity that will keep your young guests occupied and quiet at the same time. Many retailers have large poster books of favourite characters and great deals on colouring pens and pencils. Upgrade and have a full on craft station adorned with crystals, glitter shapes, glue sticks, pipe cleaners and stickers. Let their imaginations run wild!


4. Kids Seating Table

Make the little guests feel extra important with their very own table for the Wedding Breakfast, complete with special favours and, if your venue allows it, a kids menu of simpler food such as chicken nuggets, mash potato and sausages or pizza bites which are always favourites with smaller tummies. Chalkboard place settings beside their names and sweet treats scattered around the tablecloth to give it a cute feel.


5. Plug Socket Tower

Never underestimate the power of the electrical device at a large family gathering! Invest in a couple of plug socket towers for charging multiple phones and tablets. Your venue will more than likely have WiFi and there is something to be said for a Peppa Pig re-run for tired little bodies.


6. I Spy Cameras

Simple but effective. Make an I-Spy list of things around your wedding, i.e. ‘Groom,’ ‘A Kiss,’ ‘a pink flower,’ ‘bridesmaid.’ Give each child a disposable camera and let them get snap happy. They have loads of fun and you have some extra memories to look though when you get back from Honeymoon.

By Rebecca Armstrong, Excalibur Press