6 Ways To Cope With A Wedding Crisis

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There is usually a little perfectionist in all of us who believes our wedding day should be utterly flawless. The funny thing about life, though, is that it rarely abides by imaginary laws of perfection! Challenging, unexpected, and even upsetting events are part and parcel of the journey, and that goes for your wedding day, too. If a crisis arises in any form, be it large or small, it’s important to remember that it’s not necessarily the event itself that creates the issue, but your reaction to it.

Here are 6 ways to ride out the storm and cope with a wedding day crisis:

1. Be realistic

When planning your wedding, be sure to also prepare for the unexpected. A part of this includes not over-planning! Remind yourself that your day doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful, and try to be flexible throughout the process. This will help a lot, if a physical, emotional or organisational crisis occurs.

2. Breathe

Before reacting to a situation, such as being let down by a caterer/venue/family member and becoming overwhelmed by stress, learn to immediately bring your attention to your breathing. Taking a few deep, slow breaths is a powerful way to ground yourself, keep focus, and diffuse panic.

3. Practice gratitude

If something happens to dampen your day – whether it’s plans falling through, events not happening on schedule, or tensions between relatives – it’s important to broaden your mind and take in the full picture. Noting five things you are grateful for is a great way to shift your focus from the negative and see things in a more balanced way. A crisis may have occurred, but you’re also getting to marry the person you love, spend time with loved ones, and celebrate a special occasion together. That’s definitely something to be grateful for!

4. Ask for support

If your stress levels are rising and you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends, family members, and venue staff will often be happy to support you and help find a way to manage any challenges. There’s no need to take all the responsibility on yourself.


5. Accept what you can’t change

While it’s useful to make changes where you can, such as rescheduling arrival plans, fixing the tear in your veil, or having someone escort that very drunk aunt home, it’s helpful to remember that there are some things we just can’t change. Make amendments where possible, but accept what can’t be done and choose to realign your focus on the rest of the day.

6. Laugh!

Most importantly, keep a sense of humour! If something goes wrong – and definitely if everything goes wrong – laugh about it. At the end of the day, a good giggle shared between loved ones is often the best remedy to a tough situation. Try not to take it all too seriously and enjoy these moments, no matter what the day throws at you.