6 Ways To Help You Include Teenagers On Your Wedding Day

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It’s the most stressful day to organise, and wrangling guests together to RSVP can be quite the task in itself. But, when guests come with plus ones who are teenagers, what else do you need to take into account? It’s important to consider how to include them in the day. Will they be bored? Is there enough to keep them out of trouble?

Here are 6 ways to avoid unnecessary drama and help include teens on your wedding day:


1. Introduce something modern
Why not add on a few iPads or tablet stations in order to keep teenagers occupied? It may sound pricey but it can keep them quiet and out of trouble!

2. Sweets! Sweets! Sweets!
The sugary temptation of a sweet table could add to the fun of the day for everyone, but especially for kids and teenagers. With a few sweets to nibble on, it should keep them happy and less bored.

3. Photo booths
It’s the selfie era, so a good idea at a wedding is to let them take their own selfies on the day. This will help them feel included and also put their own personal spin on capturing the day’s events.


4. Include them in the planning
Some teenagers can be angst-y and often don’t like to commit, but what better way to create a harmonious atmosphere than by including them in the planning of the big day itself? Let them voice their opinion on flower choices or wedding songs selection – it could pay off in the long run.

5. Drinks reception fun
Introduce a fun activity for those at the drinks reception, especially for the teenagers. For example, introduce a popcorn and sweets table at the reception, or a candy floss machine. Another idea would be to include some alcohol free cocktails for the teens exclusively. All these small details can make them feel more included and enjoy the celebrations.

6. Movie Room
A great way to ease boredom is to include a movie moment. Setting up a movie room during the reception with Disney films, actions movies and comedies may help those teenagers who find the loud hustle and bustle of wedding a bit too much. This can be a safe spot for them to regroup and have space if needed.