6 Ways To Incorporate Children Into Your Wedding Day Planning

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When you’re organising your wedding, there are all kinds of decisions to make that can make planning feel overwhelming. There’s a solution to this, however, and that is to involve your children in the planning stages. They’ll feel a much bigger part of the occasion and can also relieve some of the stress of the decision making.

Here are six ways to involve kids in your wedding planning:


1. Let them pick some wedding accessories

There are, of course, some key accessories involved in a wedding ceremony. The groom could ask a child to help them pick the wedding rings, while the bride could involve the children in choosing ‘something borrowed’ and ‘something blue’ for her bridal wear. They might surprise you with their originality.

2. Bring them to a cake or dessert tasting

It’s a rare child that doesn’t like cake or dessert, so why not bring them along to help you choose? They’ll feel special and they’ll also love telling others how they chose the flavour or decoration of the cake, or that they picked the wedding dessert. If you’re not too happy with their choice, you can ask the cake maker to designate half of the cake to the child(ren)’s choice and half to yours.

3. Take them shopping for wedding outfits with you

Taking kids with you to shop for wedding clothes is an ideal time to bond. They’ll love the whole experience and have fun trying on their outfits. Not only that, you can be sure they’ll give you an honest opinion when you’re trying on your dress.

4. Ask them to create a playlist for the DJ

Having trouble choosing songs for the DJ’s playlist? Leave it to the kids. They’ll delight in being able to dance to some of their favourite songs at the reception. You can then simply add some songs to the playlist to make sure it caters for your musical tastes and those of your guests.

5. Get them to help with crafts

You’ll have to arrange centrepieces for the tables and other decorations for different aspects of the venue. These are golden opportunities for the kids to help you and, at the same time, indulge their creative side. They can make decorations for the big day or choose them. They’ll be able to help you make some nice-looking, original wedding invitations, too.

6. Involve them in your vows

If you’re customising your vows, you could turn to the children for ideas of what to put in them. This will give them an important role in the day. They could even think of something that you might not have to put in the vows.

Seize the chance to bond with your children by involving them in your wedding planning. Involving them at this early stage will make decision-making easier and make the whole day even more special.

By Peter Jenkins