6 Ways To Spend Time With Your Groom-To-Be Before The Wedding

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Many couples can get so caught up in the stress and excitement of wedding planning that they forget the reason they’re taking this big step. That’s why it’s important to pause, be in the moment, and take some time to remember why you’re truly committing to your significant other.

Here are 6 great ways to spend quality time with your groom-to-be before the wedding day:

1. A Wedding-Free Weekend

How about committing to a full weekend free of wedding talk? No planning, no anticipating the future, simply enjoying a few days just as you might have prior to the proposal. You’ll be surprised how much this break can renew your energy and bring you closer as a couple.

2. Outdoor Pursuits

Getting active is a great way to feel grounded, de-stress and have some fun together. Northern Ireland is the perfect setting for a range of outdoor activities including kayaking, rock climbing, zorbing and hiking routes. Check out for information on what’s available in your area.


3. A Second First Date

If your first date was a hit, head to the place where it all began and relive those wonderful memories. If it was a disaster, why not rewrite history and give it a second go? If you live together, make the effort to get ready in a friend or relative’s house beforehand and meet each other at the venue, just like it was your first date. After all, this could be the last one as an unmarried couple so make it special.

4. Couple’s Retreat

Rebalance your mind and body with an intimate getaway or couple’s retreat. Whether it’s a spa day, a country weekend away or a silent meditation retreat, time and space away from the dramas of daily life will benefit you mentally, physically and emotionally, both individually and as a couple. Check out or for ideas.

5. Get To Know Each Other’s Quirks

True love is about putting others first. Get your groom-to-be to pick his favourite hobby – fishing, sports, video games, cookery – and promise to join him in the activity for one day. He can do the same for you in return! You may be surprised how much you learn about the other person once you walk in their shoes.

6. Have A Duvet Day

When was the last time you had a duvet day? Sometimes there’s nothing more blissful than spending the day in bed watching your favourite TV shows with your significant other. Give yourself this time to feel close to your partner and chill out ahead of the wedding – all you need is a takeaway, a few good movies and plenty of cuddles!

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press