6 Ways To Weather Proof Your Outdoor Wedding

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If you’re more at home in the great outdoors than indoors you’ll probably want your wedding day to reflect that and as the saying goes ‘you can’t predict the weather’. Not to worry though, as long as you plan carefully, come rain or shine, you can have the perfect outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Choose Your Location Carefully

If you and your partner share that special place in the country side where you met or perhaps love to walk, maybe it’s a beach or forest location that means a lot to both of you, make sure you pay a few visits to the exact spot you want to celebrate before the big day.

Try to make it a rainy day as well and look to see if the ground is holding water or becoming muddy. You probably want to stick to somewhere flat, so your guests don’t slip down a muddy hill if it does rain. Another thing to take into consideration is how long a walk it will be from the carpark or drop off point, are all your guest going to manage the walk or will some elderly guests struggle?


Make sure you have a look at a few different marquees before you decide on one, checking that they are fully water proof and the capacity matches the number of wedding guests you’ve invited. It’s always a good idea to make sure there will be a wooden floor fitted as it makes it less of a hazard, especially for older guests. You can rest assured that if the rain does come your guests will still be on solid ground.

Outdoor heaters

Providing heat when the sun goes down is essential for keeping your guests cosy and happy. You can do this in a number of ways. Fire pits are the most cost efficient, but you will have to ensure they are well manned. Check with the land owner as well, as some areas have a ban on open fires. This is due to trees such as the Pine tree having extremely flammable sap. Another option is gas heaters. These are great for keeping guests warm outside, check with whoever you rented your tent off before you place them inside the marquee.

Give your guests a bit of warning

Let your wedding guests know ahead of time that you are having an outdoor wedding. Tell them to bring an emergency rain package with waterproof shoes and umbrellas. If people have a bit of notice and come a little more prepared the rain doesn’t seem as stressful.

Little Sheltered Areas

If possible, you could provide small covered areas for people to seek shelter in. If your location is in a forest for example, you probably have a no smoking policy in the marquee, why not rent or construct little shelters for people to utilise. If you’re using the outside space of a pre-existing venue don’t forget to ask if they have little sheltered spaces dotted about the area.

Providing Umbrellas

Not all your guests will be as organised as you so why not provide some extra umbrellas for people to use. Providing the umbrellas yourself will enable you to colour code them. This will look great in your wedding pics as opposed to having an array of sports brollies in the background.