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6 Ways To Wear Short Hair For Your Wedding

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Many Brides think that you need to have long hair for wedding hairstyles, but there are many ways that short hair can be worn to create a beautiful and glamorous hairstyle perfect for your big day.

Here are six of our favourite ways to style short hair for your wedding day:

  1. Half-Up

Simple half-up hairstyles are great for hair that is around chin length, making it look elegant and modern. Height can be added at the crown, and a hair accessory such as a fine headband can really add to the look.

  1. Vintage Curls

If your wedding has a vintage theme or touch, a vintage hair-do will fit in nicely. Soft curls styled in alternate directions, with an added intricate head-piece look feminine and eye-catching.

  1. Spiral Waves

Curl your hair into spiralled waves using a medium barrel curler, going back and outwards. Secure each section with a pin, and hold in place with firm hold hairspray.

  1. Old Hollywood

Channel the glamour of Marilyn Monroe by going for structured curls with a coif. Large hair-rollers will help you achieve this look effortlessly.

  1. Beachy Bob

Opt for loose waves instead of structured curls, and wear it with a side parting and head piece to dress up this otherwise carefree and natural look.

  1. Ombre

Add depth and dimension to your short do by playing with colour. Either highlights or ombre will lift a short hair-do and give your curls or waves extra texture.

By Rachel Doherty, Excalibur Press