6 Wedding Colour Schemes Based On Your Personality Type

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Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding is going to be a fundamental part of the planning process. The colours you decide to use will help tie everything together and are the perfect way for you to incorporate your personality/personalities into the day.

Depending on your personality type, consider these 6 colour schemes to help you personalise your day:

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The Extrovert

The extroverted personality type is expressive, forthright and loves to show off their talents. For the extrovert, the wedding colour scheme is all about being flamboyant, colourful and giving their guests a beautiful experience. Try bold purples, golds and pinks, or try incorporating aspects of both you and your partner’s personality types with clashing colours. Orange and pink work well together to give an exotic feel, or go for deep red, black and silver for a really stand-out look.

The Introvert

Introverted types prefer to be much more understated and tend to go for subtle tones rather than bold colours. If bright table cloths and sparkly chair-ties aren’t your thing, choose a lighter shade of your favourite colour, such as lavender, baby pink or silvery grey. You can also keep things simple with straight-forward black and white, and add small splashes of colour here and there.

The Creative

Creative folk are innovative, imaginative and always willing to think outside the box. For artsy brides, the colour scheme could include gorgeous patterns and unique shades including tie-dye, polka dots or sparkly details. For those who want to get creative with their colour scheme, consider colours you wouldn’t normally put together – royal blue and cream, rose pink and turquoise – or experiment with multiple colours, textures and details to give it your own personal touch.

The Rebel

Some brides want anything but the traditional wedding, and that could be said of the rebel personality type. Rebel hearts love to go against the grain, expressing their individuality and strength in ways that are important to them. In terms of colours schemes, this might include not wearing a traditionally white dress/suit, instead choosing your favourite outfits or even wearing the one you first met in. Bright green, traffic-light yellow and neon pink are ideal for those with an inner punk, or you may want to scrap the colour scheme altogether!

The Orderly

For some personality types, order, practicality and clean-cut boundaries are high on the agenda. These people are meticulous, hard-working and fair – and your wedding colour scheme can be just as sophisticated! Consider simple, contrasting colours such as black and gold, or blue and white, and make sure there is a complementary balance of colour throughout the day. Also, look at linear patterns and minimalist décor for a simple but chic finish.

The Romantic

The romantic personality is warm, idealistic and full of optimism. For hopeless romantics, your wedding is the day you’ve dreamed about since childhood, and you’ll pull out all the stops when it comes to planning it. Think dreamy shades like rose pink, classic cream, baby blue and soft yellow – you can incorporate golds, silvers or bronze into your theme for a really classic, luxurious touch that will make you feel like a true princess.

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press