6 Wedding Traditions You Probably Won’t Have Heard Of

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Weddings vary across history and culture, yet there are some traditions that have made a lasting impression overtime and are still celebrated today. Love them or hate them, there are some practical, unusual and just plain weird things that are “normal” at many weddings.

Here are 6 wedding traditions you won’t have heard of…

1. Announcing The Wedding Party
Yes, that’s right. The entire wedding party is traditionally announced at the reception. This was mostly used to give the bride and groom chance to take photos and refresh themselves before making their grand entrance. However, announcing the whole party is quite a time-consuming task and involves rounding everybody up to re-enter when they hear their names. The tradition has been dying out for years because nowadays more people have smaller weddings. With fewer than 100 people chances are that everyone knows the names of those in the wedding party.

2. Using Escort Cards
An escort card tells you what table you’re going to be sitting at for dinner. Not to be confused with a place card, an escort card usually comes in an envelope and stops you from wandering around aimlessly, looking or your name. This tradition isn’t used as often now because most people choose where to sit, rather than sticking to a plan. It sounds cute though, like a lottery.

3. A Cookie Table
Who wouldn’t want loads of cookies at their wedding? In some cultures, cookies are more important than cake. Originating in Pennsylvania and still used in Italy, Greece and other European countries, homemade cookies have a table for themselves so that guests can taste test a variety.

4. The Sweetheart Table
This sounds as cute as it is. A sweetheart table is for the bride and groom away from their loved ones, however it can be isolating and means that it’s harder for the couple to celebrate with their friends and family. Guests have to go over to the sweetheart table rather than the bride and groom taking the time to visit and talk to all of their guests. As a result, this tradition died out in the 1980s.

5. Cake Pulling
This old Victorian tradition from New Orleans comes from “ribbon pulling” and is when brides place charms with different meanings on the wedding cake. For instance, a flower means that romance is on the horizon. Then, members of the bridal party pull the pieces of ribbon that connect to these charms off the cake before the cake cutting and see which one they have received.

6. Money Dances
This Italian tradition involves the bride dancing with many of the men in attendance. All of them slip an envelope into the bag she is wearing while they dance with money inside. Sometimes they pin money onto an apron she is wearing over her dress for the occasion. Either way, this is not a common tradition in the UK and Ireland as gifts and wedding money are handled very differently here.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press