7 Best Man Duties You Might Not Have Thought Of

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Everyone who has had the honor of being selected as Best Man knows all the traditional duties associated with the role, but don’t just take it as read that these are all that needs to be done. To be there for your best friend is one thing, but you can really make it a special day by going that extra mile.

There are many other things that the Best Man can and should do beyond making sure you have the ring in your pocket before the ceremony.

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1. Communications

What is an essential and oft-overlooked duty is communications. You need to make sure every single person in the wedding party knows what is going on and when. And, technology can be your friend. Whether you using a Whatsapp group or tools like Google Sheets, it will make sure that you think through who needs to know what and when.

2. Dates and timings

Dates are especially important. You don’t need to be an expert project manager, but early on sit down with the bride, groom and bridesmaid to help work out what needs done and when. You’re not interfering, and it will be an invaluable conversation. Just jot down in a notebook or on a spreadsheet, but know what needs to be done before each step.

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3. Liaising with the Maid of Honor

Don’t tread on the Maid of Honor’s toes – and that doesn’t mean on the dance-floor. She will want to be the bride’s key person, but you can work together to make sure the two of you are liaising for the benefit of not just the bride and groom, but also the parents.

4. Ask questions

You’re the person to ask questions, to make sure that there are no gaps – and there are no stupid questions when helping the happy couple. Worse still, if the question isn’t asked it will be too late come the big day. That’s not to say you have free rein over decision-making but at least be sure that essential decisions have been made.

5. Be a friend

That sounds obvious given you have been chosen as best man, but you are the person who can put an arm around the groom, go for a coffee and have a chat. It isn’t about soothing nerves, just about being there.

6. Toastmaster

One thing that is often over-looked on the big day is the role of toastmaster. Step up and agree what toasts need to be made and when. Equally, agree about the timing of the receiving line and round-up the guests to make sure that there are no delays.

7. The night before

However, the most important, yet overlooked role is on the night before. There will be friends of the groom who want to have a few drinks or do something that will not necessarily help him. Instead make a different choice. A night seeing a movie, or something like 10-pin bowling or laser tag will not only take the groom’s mind off the massive day ahead but can be a fun night out. Last and not least, make a call to the chief bridesmaid on that night before. Just reassure her that it is all set and offer any help she may need.

By Jonathan Traynor