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7 Delicious Wedding Cake Flavour Ideas (Besides Fruitcake!)

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As well as the design, when it comes to wedding cake taste is definitely one of the top things you need to consider. Pleasing everybody is not always an option, but there are many delicious flavours on offer besides the traditional fruit cake to keep both you and (most of) your guests happy.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are 7 yummy wedding cake flavours to get your taste buds tingling:

1. White Chocolate And Raspberry

Combining rich, creamy white chocolate with the zing of raspberries, this flavour is a popular choice among wedding planners. You’ll be hard pushed to find a guest who will say no to a slice, plus it can be adapted into a dairy-free version for vegans.

2. Red Velvet

Red Velvet may be straying slightly from tradition, but it is becoming a favourite for modern brides and grooms. With both chocolatey and vanilla flavours, it is slightly less dense than a chocolate cake and has the bonus of a gorgeous, deep red colour that can go hand in hand with your decor.

3. Chocolate

The chocolate cake is a classic that is sure to please many of your guests. Rich, smooth and always satisfying, you may decide to add layers of thick icing for ultimate indulgence.

4. Lemon And Coconut

For a lighter, fruity flavour, try a refreshing lemon and coconut cheesecake or sponge. This will go down well after a heavy dinner, and you can switch it up with strawberries, blueberries or even passion fruit.

5. Vanilla

A tried and tested favourite, vanilla cake is a sure fire way to keep all your guests happy. If you feel it may be too bland, provide various chocolate, caramel or fruit dippy sauces alongside for your guests to pick and choose from.

6. Salted Caramel

Super sweet, smooth and utterly mouth-watering, a salted caramel sponge, cheesecake or tart makes for a sumptuous wedding cake choice. For something a little different, go for individual caramel cupcakes with icing.

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7. Pink Champagne

Replacing water with pink champagne in this recipe makes for a delicious dessert with a twist. For a proper boozy spin on the traditional wedding cake, add in Baileys, rum or vodka flavoured cream!

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press