7 DIY Wedding Trends of 2019

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When it comes to planning a wedding, doing some of the things yourself is an opportunity to create something unique for your special day and potentially save some money.

Making invitations, centrepieces, and favours are all great ways to unleash your creativity and add personal touches to your day.
Go back to nature
Using flowers for your centrepieces can take a big bite out of your budget. Instead, use greenery and trails of leaves to add colour and fragrance with eucalyptus or bay leaves.
Wedding invitations are a great DIY project for weddings with a range of card, ribbons, and design programs available to you to use. Design them with your theme in mind and reflect it in the choice of material and colours. Get other members of the wedding party involved and make a night of it.
This little tradition of giving every guest a gift at their place setting can get very expensive. Personalise it my making some homemade sweets such as fudge or truffles and tie them up in clear bags with a ribbon to match the colour scheme.
Metallic touch 
With gold and silver a popular choice for weddings, use metallic fabric to add a metallic element to the chairs, add rose gold coloured beads to centrepieces, or spray paint candle votives silver to bring shine without the cost of precious metals.
Cook up a storm
If you’re lucky enough to have the support of family or friends, catering for the wedding guests yourself is sure to save you money on the big day. Choose a reception venue that has a catering kitchen you can use to make cooking for a crowd easier.
Designer dress
If you’ve always dreamed of a designer dress but don’t have the budget, then do it yourself. If you have a talented dressmaker in your circle of friends, design your own wedding dress to ensure you have a one off creation for your big day.
With access to a good wholesale supplier and a little creative flair, you and a few helping hands could easily create a simple bouquet, buttonholes, and flower arrangements at a fraction of the cost of hiring a florist.
When deciding what to things to do yourself, it’s often a choice between cost and convenience. If you or your friends have natural talents to utilise then a DIY option would be a good choice to save some money if you have the time to do it, but sometimes it’s best to save the stress and get in the professionals.