7 Emotions You’ll Experience On The Morning Of Your Wedding – And How To Handle Them

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The morning of your wedding is a special and highly emotive time. Not only is it the last morning you’ll have as an unmarried person, it’s also a small window for you to pack all your prep, check everything is in order and get to the ceremony in good time. An array of emotions are likely to surface, and each one should be honoured as you prepare to start your new life.

Here are 7 emotions you are likely to experience and how to handle them on the day:

1. Excitement

Butterflies in your stomach, waking up early, the flurry of the bridal party getting ready – excitement and anticipation are going to be heightened on the morning of your wedding. The key is to remember to enjoy it while still keeping a cool head so all your preparations go smoothly.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety is another common emotion that is bound to increase on the day. After all, this is a huge life event that means a lot of change, and some people can cope with the stress better than others. To help alleviate anxiety and fear in the run up to the wedding, try to adopt a ten minute meditation practice each day. Focus on your breathing and nothing else for this time – it will help you stay centred in stressful situations.

3. Disorientation

With all the hair and make-up to perfect, time-keeping and last minute preparations, it’s normal to feel a bit disoriented in the hours before the ceremony. Everything may seem a bit unreal – the big day is finally here! Try and handle the confusion by staying grounded, take a moment to have a cup of tea (or a glass of champagne – but not too much!), and make sure you have a rough time-frame to work around, so you know what’s happening at what time.

4. Doubt

Many brides may experience doubts and questions right up until the last moments. It’s the brain’s way of considering all our options and preparing us for unforeseen circumstances, whether it’s about our future as part of a married couple, moving on from our single life or regarding financial or practical concerns. Know that these doubts are normal, and take a moment to breath and consider everything that has brought you to this moment. Confide in a close friend or family member, or write down your feelings in a journal to get a sense of clarity.

5. Sadness

Big life events aren’t always easy, and if you’re getting hitched there may be an element of sadness over letting go of your ‘single’ self and moving on to a new, married life. This will be the last opportunity for you to be with your loved ones before you take the big step, so savour it and be sure to ask for support from those closest to you.

6. Joy

Laughter is always the best medicine. You may be feeling relief that your wedding day is finally here after all the preparations, and there will be plenty of opportunity for fun and laughs ahead of the celebrations. The main thing to remember is to enjoy yourself – this is a time of happiness and joy, so keep things as light as possible.


7. Love!

Best of all, a sense of warmth and love may overwhelm you on your wedding morning. You could find yourself feeling a little emotional or teary-eyed when you realise you are surrounded by your family and friends, who are there to support you as you marry the person you love. Be sure to share your gratitude with those who will be spending the day with you, and remember that love is the real meaning behind the whole event. Embrace it!

By Abby Williams, Excalibur Press