7 Inspiring Wedding Invitation Ideas

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So, you’re getting married and it’s almost time to send the invitations out. Maybe you need some inspiration of what kind of invitations to go for, or maybe you’re on a tight budget, or aren’t sure what’s out there. Sometimes it can be hard to find a way to make them personal to you.
But, luckily, there are so many ways to get creative with your invitations and really make them all about you and your wedding.
Here are 7 inspiring invitation ideas…
1. Forget About Paper
If you want to really surprise your guests, you can have the wedding information printed onto another material, like wood, and make the invitation something that your friends and family will love to keep. Some people have even had their wedding details printed onto useful household objects, like tea-towel, to make the invitation double as a small gift!

2. Geometric Inserts
It doesn’t all have to be rectangles and squares. You can make your invitations look cute and different by using a whole host of shapes and colours. Use watercolours to make them exactly how you like. By keeping to postal requirements (in terms of size and shape) you can make this a very artsy, budget option. by somethingMADE1 by somethingMADE1

3. Calligraphy
Whether you think that now is the time to learn calligraphy for yourself, or want to get it done professionally, calligraphy adds elegance to an invitation and a personal touch that guests will love. You can go for old-school looking paper to make them all the more classic.
4.       Ticket It
Turning the invitation into a ticket-style piece of memorabilia is incredibly cute and can reference your relationship. Whether your first date was at a cinema, or your used to catch trains to see each other, re-creating these tickets into a fancy invitation will add a little more you into the process.  Here’s an example:
5. Share Your Story
Using a timeline of your relationship, from the day you met until now, or creating a map of your life together is a great way to start celebrating your love for one another through your wedding invitations. It’s also a great opportunity to sit down with your fiancé and talk about all of your wonderful memories.
Photo Source: Satin & Snowflakes

Photo Source: Satin & Snowflakes

6. Give It A Theme
If you’ve got a wedding theme, then you’re set! If not, don’t panic. Think about something that means a lot to you and your partner and have your invitations decorated that way. There are some talented companies that make classic novel inspired invitations and boarding pass invitations for passionate readers and travellers, and those are just two examples of many.
Photo Source:

Photo Source:

7. Go Digital
In this day and age, you also have the option to go digital. Make a photo slideshow or a wedding playlist and send it as your invitation, inside a CD sleeve decorated with all the wedding details. This way, the celebrations can begin early!
Photo Credit:Ryan Polei. Matrimony Wedding Invitation buy at

Photo Credit:Ryan Polei. Matrimony Wedding Invitation buy at

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press
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