7 Nail Ideas For Wedding Manicures

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Getting the perfect wedding manicure is a small but subtle touch in creating a cohesive wedding look. For many, it can be hard to decide between going for something neutral and something that will wow the guests. Within that there comes an array of choices, even between the huge variety of natural looks.

The look you opt for entirely depends on the tone of the wedding and the rest of the bridal outfit. However, if you’re stuck for inspiration, there are so many ways to get creative and make the look both beautiful and individual. Here are 7 nail ideas for wedding manicures:


1. White and Wonderful
Match the dress and keep your look cohesive with shapely white nails. The pearly look adds to the sense of elegance and won’t detract much of the attention. Instead, the look will complement the dress, make-up and shoes, no matter what style they are – it’s impossible to clash. If you’re going for the traditional white dress, even in a modern style, this is a can’t-go-wrong option.


2. Go Glitter
Gold or silver glitter from the tip of the nail shimmering down and fading out towards the cuticles is a beautiful way to add some sparkle to your wedding day. If your dress is chic and simple, glitter will be a perfect match. Ideal over white or baby pink coloured nails, you’ll feel just like a princess. Want something even more different? Try adding the glitter in thin stripes across the nail for a modern edge.


3. Add Jewels
Jewels on nails are incredibly popular now for celebrations in general or holidays. To make your wedding look special, have diamanté jewels along your cuticles. Some particularly gorgeous options include jewels that mimic tiaras and those that come in a variety of colours.

4. The Lace Effect
Who knew it would be possible to create a lace effect on nails? It’s a pretty way to complement a lacy and traditional dress. Delicate white polish can be used to replicate the look on your nails over a clear, polished and shaped nail.


5. Metallic
Metallic effect adds shine to any dress without being over the top. Silver or gold are classic options, but this is where colour can become inspiring. Any shade of the rainbow will look good in metallic so make it personal to you.


6. White Tips And Not-So-White Tips
The natural look of a clear nail with a white, shaped tip is a simply stylish option. However, if you want to play around with this idea you could have the whites changed to gold or silver.


7. Mix It Up
Having the same design on most nails and a different one on a single finger is a modern and trendy way to make your nails look unique. It’s best to not over complicate this technique as it’s a design within itself. Considering your nails as an overall look, choose something simple and something special to combine in this wedding pick ‘n’ mix.

By Jessikah Hope Stenson, Excalibur Press


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