7 Questions To Ask Your Venue Before Booking Your Wedding

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Choosing the venue of your wedding can be a daunting task. Before making your final decision there will be much debate, plenty of questions, and many phone calls. The aesthetics of the venue are important, but there are many other factors to consider before choosing your venue.

Here are seven questions to ask your venue before booking them for your big day:

1. How many guests does the venue accommodate?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. You might fall in love with a venue only to realise that they do not accommodate for weddings with smaller numbers, or that they don’t have the capacity to cater for a larger wedding party. Before setting your heart on a venue, find out up-front how many guests they can cater for.

2. How long are you allowed to use the venue?

Some venues have time restrictions for a variety of reasons. If you are having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, this is less likely to be a problem, but if you are having the ceremony and reception at separate venues, it’s often a good idea to find out how long you can use each for. This includes finding out what time the venue expects the wedding to be finished by – if your wedding is being held at a hotel, a resident’s bar is usually made available. However, if your reception is not at a hotel, the venue will expect the celebrations to wrap-up earlier.

3. Are there any guidelines for decorations?

Some venues have restrictions on the types of decor permitted. This could be because the venue is a listed building and decorations need to be subtle and in-keeping with the tone of the building, or it could be because the venue doesn’t permit the use of candles or confetti for health and safety or environmental reasons. Make sure you ask if there are any decorating restrictions in advance before you invest in anything.

4. Are you allowed to bring alcohol? If not, how much do they charge?

Some venues permit the use of your own alcohol, while others only allow you to drink alcohol bought on-site. Whatever your venue permits, check if there are any corkage fees, and see if the venue will include free drinks for a toast or for guests while they are waiting on the bride and groom getting their photos taken.

5. What are the options for catering?

Without a doubt, the food is one of the most important elements of the wedding day. A wedding tends to be a long day, so guests will be hungry. Many venues have in-house catering, so make sure and check out some reviews online before booking it for your wedding. Also check that they can cater for any special dietary requirements that guests will have. Many couples also opt for an evening buffet, so check that the venue can also provide for this.

6. Ask is there are any hidden charges.

Some venues set a price per head that includes a lot of inclusive extras, while others have set prices for each individual element. When booking your venue ask for a clear outline of costs, and ensure there are no hidden charges.

7. Last but not least, do they allow pets?

Some couples opt to have pets at their wedding, so if you want your furry friend involved you should check with the venue in advance to see if they allow pets. Even if you aren’t inviting your animal friends, you may need to check if service animals such as guide dogs are permitted, should you have any guests who need to bring theirs to the celebrations.