7 Questions You Should Ask Your Caterer Before Booking Your Wedding Meal

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Your wedding meal is one of the most important meals you’ll ever eat, so you want to find the right caterer for the job. That means finding out everything you can about them before you hire them, the same goes for your venue catering. You’re paying good money and don’t want any shocks on the day or when the bill arrives.

Avoid any unwelcome surprises by asking your caterer these questions before booking your meal:


1. How many other weddings will you be catering for on the date of our wedding?

This is probably the single most important question you could ask. You want the very best service on your day. That means the undivided attention of your caterers.

2. What does your price include?

You need to be clear about exactly what you’re getting for your money, which makes this question crucial. You don’t want to be caught out by unexpected charges because some item or aspect wasn’t part of the original price, or find out when it’s too late that some major feature is missing.  Go through the package pricing with a fine toothcomb!

3. Is it a set menu, or can I customise the menu?

Check how flexible the caterers are in their service provision. They may be able to tailor the food to make your wedding menu that extra bit special. You should also consider whether they can cater for special requirements such as halal or vegetarian food. You don’t want any of your guests going hungry simply because they couldn’t eat what was on the menu.

4. Do you offer menu tasting — and is it included in the price?

Ideally, you should be able to try the menu before you agree to it. If the caterer, for some reason, does not offer menu tasting, you may prefer to hire a different caterer. If they do, check if you’ll have to pay extra.

5. Do you provide alcohol — and what packages do you have?

A wedding with no alcohol could spoil the celebrations. Ask exactly what kinds of drinks the caterer provides, if any; if there will be a bar; and about any packages. Check what is included and how much it all will cost.

6. Do you provide a wedding cake — and is it included in the price?

Some wedding caterers may provide the cake and include it in the price, others may not. It’s best to check. It would be disastrous to not have a wedding cake on the day because you wrongly assumed it was already provided.

7. Is the catering a full service?

This is a quick check that the catering company provides everything from table setup to cleaning up the venue afterwards. Ask about tables and chairs, too, and if they provide these. If there are any aspects of the event that the caterer doesn’t cover, you’ll have to make additional arrangements to address these requirements.

Asking a few simple questions before you hire your wedding cater could save you a whole load of stress, inconvenience or even anger when you sit down to your wedding meal. Make enquiries and then hire your caterer confident that they’ll do your special day justice