7 Terrific Tips to Survive the Stress of Wedding Planning

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Planning your wedding — it’s as stressful as it is exciting. You want everything to run so smoothly that the anxiety of it all can overwhelm you if you let it.

That’s not going to do you, your wedding or anyone else involved in the proceedings any good, here are 7 tips to keep it all together when you organise your big day:

1.     Create a detailed budget

Part of the stress comes down to the cost of it all. You can make life much easier for yourself if you create a detailed budget and stick to it. Let everyone who’s paying for the wedding know your plans so there’s no confusion.

2.     Set some limits

Recognise that you’re not always going to please everyone, so set some limits — it’s your wedding after all and you’re entitled to have it the way you want it. Be aware of situations when you’re making a mountain of a molehill or not reading the situation correctly.

3.  Spend time with your friends and family

Your friends and family are your support network and weddings are the perfect time to bond with them further. Take some time to relax with them — but leave the subject of the wedding off the table. It will be good for your wellbeing.

4.  Take a social media detox

The world won’t end if you don’t go on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks for a few days, so take a little detox from social media and spend some quality time with your loved one. Limit the time you do spend on social networks just to when you’re on your computer.

5.  Devise a sleep routine

It’s important to get plenty of sleep throughout the planning period so that you’re not making decisions in a grumpy, sleep-deprived state. Establish set times to get up and go to bed and do something relaxing during the day, such as meditation or breathing exercises.

6.  Share the load

Your fiancé might think you’re a wonder(ful) woman, but you’re not Wonder Woman herself. Don’t feel you have to carry the weight of the wedding world on your shoulders. Delegate some tasks to your parents, friends, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids. Life will be much easier.

7.  Open up

A problem shared is a problem halved. If you’re having trouble keeping on top of the planning, don’t just bottle everything up inside and battle on. Tell your partner and take the pressure off yourself. This is also a good time to reconnect with your partner and remind yourself of all the things you love about them.

There’s lots to do when planning a wedding and it can get intense at times, but don’t let it all get on top of you. Apply the strategies above and you’ll make it through to the other side of the planning period perfectly fine. Then when everything is going swimmingly on the day itself, you’ll look back and wonder why you ever worked yourself up into such a state in the first place.

By Peter Jenkins